Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pretty in pink...And turquoise... And grey... And green.

There are so many lovelies that are on my permanent  WANT! WANT! WANT! list. Like that antique day bed, art deco ring and fur cape. You know, just everyday stuff that may appear before you one day in a monumental example of thrift shopping providence. 
There is always so much to covet but alas, so little cash to buy. Ho hum.
But a little miracle occurred in a curiosity filled rabbit warren of a store called Aunty's Place in
 Lang Lang. I! Found! Vintage! Canisters! Squeeeeeeel!
I have been searching in shops and lurking on eBay for retro Gayware and Nally ware for the longest time, but have always been hampered in my quest by the ridiculous prices. So, in the last place I would have expected, I found this beautiful Nally set of four kitchen canisters. A little worn. A tad abused. Definitely much used and I'm sure very well loved. Huzzah! And for a pittance !
Now they sit atop my kitchen shelves as if they have always been there, in beautiful pastel shades that suit the spot perfectly and lift my spirits every time I walk by.
Have you been lucky lately and found anything on your wish list?
I will leave you with some other wonders from Aunty's Place.

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