Thursday, 10 January 2013

Mill Antiques and a tartan beauty.

I've always associated Geelong with it's football team and car manufacturing, but I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that Geelong is a beautiful little city with a lot to offer the vintage loving girl.
Geelong has several wonderful vintage emporiums like Mill Antiques, Pegasus Antiques, Moorabool Antiques Gallery, How Bazaar Antiques and Kenny's Antiques as well as lots of op-shops and weekend markets.
  My clan would have had the mother of all tanty's if I had dragged them to all of the vintage and antique sellers in Geelong, but I did manage to lose myself for a little while in Mill Antiques in the waterfront area.
My purse strings wouldn't stretch to allow me to purchase any of the extravagant lovelies like the enormous space-age white TV,
or the watermelon pink coloured fridge,
or the scariest looking doll in the universe.
(OK, so I could afford the doll but I was scared that if I bought it I would wake up in the night with it trying to eat my throat.)
I didn't leave empty handed though, just a little lighter in the bank account.
I discovered this Quaker Lady beauty, struggling futilely as the terrible 1970's mannequin was doing a fine job of detracting from the dresses charms. Poor thing was hanging baggy, askew and covered in handbags.
Isn't it lovely! Beautifully constructed with over sized pockets, adorable faux-gem buttons and gathered at the shoulders. And the fabric is the most amazing tartan in black, grey, white and red cotton. Simply perfect for summer teamed with my red clogs and a cute little red bow belt.

I'd love to know more about the Quaker Lady brand but can't seem to find any information, so if anyone can fill me in I would  be very grateful.
Thanks to Mill Antiques for allowing me to take photos.

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