Monday, 14 January 2013

Me made funkalicious ottoman cover.

I am of the school of thought that says, "It's a bargain - buy it now!"even if I don't really need it.
 (I'm sure I'm not alone here am I people?)
So I have lots of excess goodies (my husband may differ in his opinion and call it 'crap') just hanging about in the spare room until the day arises when it shall become useful and beautiful once more.
 I discovered two of these sad creatures in the cutest retirement village run op shop ( you know the type - the retirees all take turns staffing the shops and drink endless cups of tea, gossiping and bustling about energetically and you can have everything you can fit into a shopping bag for $5).
The lovely gent who volunteered at the shop insisted I have them for the princely sum of $5.
Yep, you heard me. Both of them. For $5!!!!! Huzzah!
Look at those cute angled legs! Not plastic, faux wood but real wood!
OK, so they were cream vinyl and someone had slapped an odd blanket type fabric on them, but I could see that they could become handsome and handy fella's again.
After sitting about catching dust for a couple of months, inspiration hit, and with the assistance of Nance my grouchy old sewing machine and some cool ottomans on pinterest, I whipped
up a bright and cheerful cover.
 I adore this fabric from Spotlight, with it looking like I've done alot more work than I actually have.
I think its very cute and snazzy and it is helping wonderfully in the "Brighten up boring lounge room" campaign.
And even better, it is a pleasure to rest tired feet upon after a long day.
Or rest a tired little bottom on.
Now I just have to tackle my ottomans twin, but I can't decide if I make a matching little guy or go crazy and use a completely different fabric. What do you think?
What unnecessary but completly necessary bargains have you been finding lately?

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