Saturday, 26 January 2013

Happy Australia Day! (and my fave Aussie books)

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Happy Australia Day to all who reside in our great southern land and to those who may have left our beautiful shores for far off exotic places but in their hearts call Australia home.
I have had a relaxed day, spent pottering and hanging with my little clan, and thinking about how fantastic Australia is.
Yes we all know we have the most amazing landscapes,
Image found on Pinterest - Western Australia
 yummiest cuisine,
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fantastic weather, cutest critters and warmest and friendliest people, but did you know besides all those well known claims to fame we also have the blobfish.


Cute lil fella isn't he? Yeah, you can have those much loved and lauded koalas and kangaroos, cause when I think of what symbolises Australia I think of this guy.
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OK so this albino peacock is utterly breathtaking, but you know, the blob fish has character!
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Bet you didn't know we also have a  strange turtle frog, or Myobatrachus gouldii.
 Or as I prefer to call it, the Frurtle. Pretty amazing, huh?
(So, as you can see I have been a little too into Pinterest today.)
I could go on and on about why I love Australia, but instead I thought I would share some of my favourite Aussie books that capture the Australian spirit and also cater to my love of all things vintage. If you are person like me who has a passion for days of yore check out these wonderful Australian novels;
The Harp in the South - Ruth Park 
Poor Mans Orange - Ruth Park.
Come in Spinner - Dympna Cusack and Florence James.
My Brilliant Career - Miles Franklin (Stella Marie Sarah Miles Franklin)
The Getting of Wisdom - Henry Handel Richardson (Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson)
Picnic at Hanging Rock  - Joan Lindsay
Oscar and Lucinda - Peter Carey
Cloudstreet - Peter Carey
I have included links so you can read a brief synopsis to wet your appetite.
Happy reading and Happy Australia Day!

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