Saturday, 12 January 2013

Galivanting at the gallery - or the attainment of culture

There comes a time in your life when you say to yourself, " I must endeavour to introduce my offspring to culture , dahhhhling". It's usually when you spy your child picking their nose whilst watching Spongbob, slack-jawed, in  nothing but their underwear.
And where can I go to improve myself, to help shape my children's artistic temperaments and inspire creativity? Why, the National Gallery of Victoria of course!
Not to mention that the NGV is bloody good fun as well as being educational!
My kids and I visited the Big Smoke (that's what we suburban dwellers call Melbourne), and had a lovely day traipsing around the gallery and especially loved the interactive kids area. I did, at times, fear for the safety of some of the art, but the gallery thankfully remained intact and unscathed after our visit - whew!
Melbourne is such a wonderful city, beautiful and vibrant, and I always feel energised and inspired when I spend time wandering through its streets.
Were my children somehow improved intellectually and artistically from our day trip I hear you ask.
Well I was pretty tickled when, upon closely pondering "Garden of Love" (Master of the Stories of Helen - Antonio Vivarini) - above, and reading the title my 6 year old said, " It is about the garden of love and you can tell they are all in love because they have rosy cheeks".
Culture? You bet your arse we've got it!

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