Sunday, 20 January 2013

The holidays roll on....and so do I!

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School holidays are still rolling on here in Australia. Rolling on and on and on. Am I going to sound like a crotchety old codger if I say that the whipper snappers these days seem to get so many holidays. In my day..... no it's best if I just stop right there before I really get started.
Anyhoo, the holidays have given me an abundance of opportunities to act like a big kid and have some good wholesome fun. The kids and I have eaten buckets of popcorn at the cinema's, bowled our hearts out, romped at the beach, frolicked at parks, splashed in pools and, most exciting of all, gone roller skating! (Whew, even remembering all of our activities is exhausting.)

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Oh, roller skating! I had forgotten how much I LOVE ROLLER SKATING !
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(You could say I wheely wheely love it . Boom boom!. I'm so sorry for the terrible pun, I've been hanging with kids a lot lately.)
I don't think I can even describe the utter joy and passion I used to have for strapping on my Red stone skates, popping on my hot pink skate skirt and roller dancing it out to "Hey Mickey".
(I used to imagine that I'd been born with roller skates instead of feet. Don't tell me that you all didn't do that too.)
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Heading back to the world of the roller rink was such a crazy nostalgic trip back in time that I felt like I needed to go tease my hair and stuff tissues down my bra. The roller rink even smelt the same; a heady concoction of adrenalin, puberty and raspberry slushy.
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I may have been the only adult on the rink, but you know what? I KILLED IT! I felt freakin' awesome! Until an 8 year old began lapping me. Whilst she was going backwards. Bubble burst!
That's OK though because I had an absolute blast and can't wait to talk my son into going again
with me.
Has anyone else been up to any fun holiday adventures?
PS -  Now that I am practically a professional skater I am thinking that I really NEED these skates!
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  1. Hello! I'm a fellow vintage and aussie blogger (although I sway in and out of genuine vintage as I can't afford a lot of it, haha). Love hits post, can't say I'm any good at roller skating, in fact I can say I'm now good at it. I broke my arm doing it, that's how hopeless I am. But I do dream of just for a day being one of those cool 60s diner waitresses in roller skates. How do they do that? Gorgeous picks with your son, how sweet :D