Sunday, 6 January 2013

Gadding about in Geelong.

My little clan haven't been able to manage all of us having time off together during this summer holiday period (I know, sad face), but we did decide to squeeze in a teeny tiny mini break in beautiful Geelong.
My husband and I have travelled to Geelong a while back, sans children (ooohhh, romantic!), and I somehow talked him into visiting every op-shop (thrift shop) within a 50km radius. On foot. In the rain. What a man!
This time, with the children, we had a wonderful time exploring all the delights Geelong has to offer.
Exploring the waterfront area.
Running riot in parks.
Soooooo much delicious food that my waistline is cursing me for my lack of will power. I blame Panache Cafe and Creperie for the most amazing crepes in the world!
All of this as well as splashing about in the hotel pool, admiring the beachfront mansions and a little shopping for me at the excellent Mill Market - Waterfront (more on this wondrous treasure trove to come in a later post).
Oh, and ofcourse some pretty vintage summer frocks, because what would a beachside getaway be without some lovely breezy cotton dresses.
Now if only I could do this every weekend!
Has anyone else been recharging their batteries in lovely places lately?
*I'm sorry I haven't been able to provide links to any of the places I have visited but I just could not find their websites.

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