Saturday, 2 November 2013

Nothing cures the blues like the pinks!

I've picked myself up off the floor after having the mother of all hissy fits.
Oh, it wasn't pretty with much wallowing, gnashing teeth, puffy face and curse words that would make a dock worker blush. (I have a  rather extensive curse word vocabulary I am embarrassed to say. Comes in handy sometimes.)
But after self medicating with a healthy dose of vodka and perspective I am ready to put on my big girls blouse and be an adult, (gulp!) and face what may come. I will probably whinge and moan a lot but hey, baby steps right?
Seen as a whole, the big picture can seem so daunting, so overwhelming, so I have  broken down all my worries so I can face each individual issue. And then they appear a little more manageable.
And some worries I've boxed up and hidden away in a dusty recess of my mind, where hopefully they will be forgotten, like algebra and the periodic table, never to be noticed again.
And some problems just need a little spin on them.
Why fret over the hubby, lying prone in the middle of the lounge. Throw a pretty rug over him and pretend he is a new decor item like a giant ottoman.
Don't stress over the fate of my career. I have always wanted to join the circus. Perhaps now is the perfect opportunity!
Yes I am being flippant, but I had to get out of my vicious head funk.
My head was doing my head in!
Halloween perked me up no end despite it not being a big deal over here. (One day!)
We had a Halloween special event at work which was a hoot with most of my lovely elderly residents being good sports and donning witches hats and perfecting their ghoulish cries and crone cackles.
I chose to be Queen of the Spiders and put up with my wig giving me that "spider crawling on my skin" feeling all day.
So worth it!
This vintage frock cheered me up too.
So deliciously pink, you can't help but feel brightened when wearing it.
And doesn't my newly op shopped hot pink bag go perfectly?
I can't believe I have only worn this dress twice before. I was always totally stumped by my lack of either pink or blue heels to match.
Um, duh! (Smacks the head!)
Beige heels! Of course!
The neckline is adorable.
And with the dresses little splashes of blue to coordinate with, my blue cardigan was brought into the picture in case all of that pink got out of control.
You can thank the filter Lomo for this nuclear pink shade!
I'd like to thank everyone who spared a kind word for a down in the dumps girl - you all perked me up and picked me up from my doldrums.


  1. I think you are doing marvellous!, hissy fits and all! throw a plate or 10, have 10 drinks and swear like a fecker, I think it's the best way of dealing with a whammy! and then you can focus on how it's all going to work, and then have another hissy (as you can see, it's my way too!) it all works out, and of course wearing amazing, pretty, gorgeous dresses helps the process, pink becomes you! - I do rather like 'Queen of the Spiders' too very feisty! x x

    1. Hissies are the only way to move forward aren't they. You have to unleash all of that pent up emotion and a good tantrum does wonders. I am already feeling brighter and better. Being feisty Queen of the Spiders did help too!XXX

  2. I'm glad to see you are getting over your worries, no use to ponder on them. Think of the positive. Have you ever heard of a depressed person wearing pink? I don't think I have:) A great color for you dear Brooke and I'm sure you brought many smiles to faces in such a fun outfit. I must stop eating the children's Halloween candy. I sneak it when they aren't looking:)

    1. You are right, I don't think depressed people wear pink!I am glad we don't have too much Halloween candy because I already have a very bad habit of helping myself to all of my kids goodies!

  3. Gorgeous pink frock (I love a square neckline too), you look beautiful. I'm so sorry life has been crowding in on you with stuff to worry about. You're right, working out which problems you can usefully tackle or reframe, and which just have to be left alone is a good strategy. Hope you can see a way forward with the work situation.
    Your Queen of the Spiders wig looks amazing!
    Chin up, Brooke - onward! xxx

    1. Onwards, ever onwards! That's my motto at the moment. I can't stay down for too long. Already life looks brighter.XXX