Sunday, 10 November 2013

Bottom Drawer Antiques

The only thing better than a vintage adventure is an unexpected vintage adventure!
There you are, minding your business, when WHAM!
A gorgeous antique haven beckoning seductively from the side of the road. (Have I just made the shop sound like a hooker?)
And as silly as I often am, I ain't silly enough to keep driving by. No way!
For my unexpected retro rummage I wore my 60's geometric and rose dress with the collar and bow detail that makes my heart flutter. And red roses in my hair to keep company with the red roses blooming on my frock.
After a girl has gorged on vintage all afternoon she is often so hopped up that she feels like  a crazy backyard dance (much to the amusement of the little black dog!).
I have created some new moves to add to my ever growing dance repertoire.
There is the "I'm balancing on a tightrope", the "I have marionette arms",
the "have I got poo on my shoe?" and finally, the "who farted?"
All set to be classic moves coming to a dance floor near you!
So I stopped at the adorably named Bottom Drawer Antiques in Moorooduc and after squeeing and sighing and oohhhing and aahhhing, I managed to snap a few pics of some of my favourite pieces that are now on my Christmas wish list.
Unbelievably stylish and cool Bakelite entertaining pieces like ice bucket and cigarette holder with matching napkin rings. I would so be the hostess with the mostest if I had these at a party!
We actually have one of these hip little robot guys. His name is Scooter and he lives in my sons room but unlike ours this one is complete with his tray and remote. Could I convince my husband that we need another and we could use them as bed side tables? Hmmm, I'll work on that.
In this day and age of smart phones these fabulous phones are a breath of fresh air and so very cool.
I can totally think of five different places in my house that would benefit from this amazing vintage dentist drawers. And it is on sale!
Daddy, I want a pony!
So many pretty bottles! I used to collect antique torpedo and marble bottles in the early days of my vintage obsession.
Medical and scientific antiques are so fascinating.
And finally, oh my lawd, the Bakelite jewellery.
So, so divine. So, so pricey.
One day, my pretties, you will be mine!
I really could have spent days in there, and not only because it is a labyrinth like, rabbit warren of a  building that has you lost and yet happy to be lost.
The store is fit to bursting with stunning antiques, beautiful vintage and quirky odds and ends that could make a girl like me go gaga and send me to the poor house.
I did walk away with one beauty from my adventure, a lovely little straw hat from the fifties, but she will get her own post in the future!
Pop into Bottom Drawer Antiques if you are ever in the area or check them out on line.
(Blogger is being a wanker and not letting me add a link but look them up anyway.)


  1. I'm glad you found a nice straw hat! All that glorious Bakelite! It is amazing how much some of those pieces command! I quite like the fruit Bakelite but this is even more on the demand list. I feel like you can still get a bracelet here and there at a decent price, if you really look. A marvelous outfit dear Brooke and I must say you are quite the dancer:) Here's to swirls and twirls! I love this outfit, nothing like black and white with splashes of red.

    1. Can't wait to show off my new straw. She is a beaut! I love the fruit Bakelite too but don't love the ridiculous prices. I will be patient and I am sure my Bakelite dreams will be realised.

  2. Fabulous frock, perfect for an antique rummage! Beautiful stock, so much to admire, loving the Bakelite jewellery.
    Nice moves you got there, Brooke! xxxx

    1. They really did have so much to admire and buy if one had a magic purse with limitless funds. I think I may have mentally scarred the poor little black dog with my dance moves but oh well! XXX

  3. Vintage by the roadside IS rather wanton and whorish, in the BEST possible way!
    Love that outfit! XXX

    1. True! But there is nothing better is there! XXX

  4. your dance moves in your super pretty dress are so awesome, the 'who farted' is very elegant and silent movie-esque! I swear if I tried it, I would offend myself! I'm so ready to be taken in by a beckoning vintage wonderland, really, it wouldn't even have to try hard,I haven't chazza shopped in forever! x x x

    1. Yeah, I didn't need too much seducing. No sweet talk. I'm so easy! XXX