Sunday, 17 November 2013

Showing off my pink in the city

 I have learnt a few things lately.
I have learnt that the universe is often perverse, and likes to play really nasty pranks. It can be a real bitch sometimes.
My lovely co-worker, who would have to be one of the worlds most cheerful and up beat people, has been hit hard with the universes whammy stick and has had to deal with ridiculously difficult issues .
And she was. She was coping. It was hard but she was doing it.
So then the universe gave an evil little chuckle and decided to pervert things a tad more.
My pal came home after an emotionally exhausting day to find her beloved dog had died.
Universe, you are not just a cranky hormonal bitch, you are seriously f@#$&d up!!!
So with all the crazy going on there was nothing for me to do but cover myself in pink glory and take to the city with some lovely ladies to cause my own mischief.
Behold! The glory of pink! I have also learnt that if you are dressed entirely in pink and very much look like a lady, people are quite baffled (and even morally offended) when you do something uncouth like burp or swear.
 We ran amok in St Kilda and sampled some of the best sugary goodness the cake shops had to offer.
We shopped, we admired, we were admired, we laughed, we drank. Oh how we drank! I had the worlds strongest cocktail, with my knees going a bit rubbery after only a few sips. Very dangerous!
 We then decided to head back into the city and have a squiz at the amazing displays of theatrical and operatic costumes currently showing at the Art Centre. Now, after taking copious amounts of pix of all of the breathtaking works of frock art, I discovered that I was not actually meant to be taking photos of them. I have learnt that I often break the rules without even knowing. Oooops!
I have also learnt that when dressed entirely in pink you are a magnet for conversation, and random strangers like to come and admire and have a chat. Which is lovely if not a little disconcerting.
I even struck up a semi drunken conversation on the train home with a lovely chap who had fallen on hard times, because he admired my "hair thingies", as he so beautifully put it.
We discussed alternate universes, other planes of existence, dolphins, hats, Lady Ga Ga, life, the universe and everything. A good way to while away the boring and long trip home.
I am totally in love with this vintage dress and if I wasn't married already, would probably make some sort of undying love statement and elope with it. It was a Savers find that was a little torn and bedraggled but is now  a wardrobe staple. And when worn with my Drouin op shopped pink cardigan and bright pink bag I feel like a pink dream.
There are my "hair thingies" as they are now known. I just don't feel right without flowers in my hair!
Poor tired tootsies! I kicked off my heels and put the worn out fellas up to rest for the rest of the night.


  1. Life can be a real bitch, but its good to go out and enjoy it from time to time, like you two did. I love the costumes! and your pink dress too, not surprised you are in love with it too :)

    1. It is the whole question of "Why do bad things happen to good people" question isn't it? Life is bloody fabulous too I have to say, so I guess it balances out. The costumes were amazing and I am glad I risked trouble in capturing them.

  2. Burping, swearing and drinking while dressed head to toe in pink is just perfect! And taking illicit photos too, that's my girl!
    Life... It's really bloody hard sometimes. Hope your friend is doing OK.
    The cocktails look fabulous, so does the cake, and oh my goodness, the costumes are spectacular!
    Gorgeous frock, Brooke - you look quite the most elegant of ladies (but we all know different now!) Xxxxxx

    1. My friend is being a trooper and coping. Just. Bloody life! It is fabulous and awful in measure. I am so glad I look the lady- as I write I am looking decidedly unlady -like so at least I have proof that it can happen! XXX

  3. I can imagine Security's jaw dropping when the immaculate pink lady whipped out her camera and started taking forbidden photo's! hehe, you rock!!! amazing days out with substantial, sugar goodness and alcohol are always a good thing! hope things start improving for your friend, there does come a point when things can only get better - your hair thingies are always awesome! x x x

    1. I now realise there was a man giving me a rather intense look at the costume display - he must have been security but I thought he was just admiring me. Ha! My friend is getting there but I do hope that all works out for her as well. It is true though that there is a point where things just have to get better. XXX

  4. You look great in all that pink-ness.
    Yes life sure does come with lashings of shit on the side sometimes.. Hope your friend gets through OK.. and maybe stronger? I hope. x

    1. Thanks! I hope my friends comes out of this stronger too. She has a lot of love and good wishes going her way. Bloody life!!! XXX