Sunday, 24 November 2013

Bargains and beauties

To gain the attention of the op shopping deities I have found it is important to adorn oneself in
pre -loved, op shopped finery so that the gods may recognise you as a true disciple and reward you accordingly with more vintage and second hand treasures.
So, with my polyester plumage, new favourite pink hand bag, my fingers crossed and hope in my heart I set forth on a bargain hunting mission.
How could the op shop deities resist a pussy bow of such perfection?
With me on my mission I took bags of my unwanted threads as an offering to the gods.
And I shopped and worshipped at the altar of the charity shop and was rewarded with lots of beauties to love and covet and wear.
Hurrah and hallelujah!
I found this poor ripped 50's frock that I am hoping I can rescue. For $4 I am definitely going to try and bring her back from the dead. Its funny though, because I fell for the gorgeous autumnal tones and yet my hubby actually shuddered in revulsion and loudly exclaimed "that's hideous!"
Poor tasteless man!
You can never gave enough cropped black jackets, I reckon.
I spotted this fabric in amongst the boring beige and dived for its happy bright pattern, squealing in glee. It is just so fun! It was also very sack-like but a quick nip in at the sides did the trick.
And did you notice? More pussy bow action!
How fabulous are these vintage bathers? And in pristine condition, I just couldn't  resist despite the fact that I rarely go swimming. I might just have to make myself just for the sake of these lovelies.
I am always totally amazed by what others do not want and donate. One mans trash and all that. Like this brand new (still with tags on) Bettie Page bag. As much as I would adore to keep I,t I already have it in mind for a friends present. That's how much I love her!
And finally, this seriously stunning retro wall unit was spotted on my op shopping frenzy.
But lack of space meant I merely looked at it longingly, sighed and then walked away.
But I just couldn't stop thinking about it! It haunted me all night! So I shuffled some furniture and now this honey is mine. And I love, love, love her! What I don't love is trying to get sticky tape and price tag goo off. Any tips?
That's what a day of bargains and beauties will do to a girl!
What lovelies have you found lately?


  1. You did very, very well! Love the wall unit, it's great that you found room for it. The leopard print bag is a beauty ( I had a Bettie Page dress but sold it... I slightly regret it now as it was black and would have been perfect for work. Oh well.)
    Those slightly sludgy 50s prints do seem to divide opinion, but I'm a fan, and the autumnal colours are gorgeous.The pleat detail and buttoned flaps on that little jacket are so smart, and ooh, a cute cossie, very nice!
    No wonder you are doing a pussy-bowed dance of happiness, Brooke! xxxx

    1. Ooohhh, I would love to find a Bettie Page dress - one day.... The 50's dress has definitely divided opinion here - I love it but the husband hates it. Oh well he doesn't have to wear it! XXX

  2. i hope you can fix the beautiful autumn coloured dress. i would love to see it worn.
    ...inspiring white tights. i should try that again.

    1. When I have mended the dress it will definitely feature as I have a hat that would be perfect with it. Hopefully the dress can be salvaged. I do love me some white tights. They just seem to go with everything!

  3. I'm hoping for the same tomorrow! I have a bag of goodies to offer and hope *squeezy fingers crossed* I am as blessed as you!! magnificent goodies there! I love the dresses, jacket, cossie and the bag! you must love your friend millions! the only goo removing stuff I ever had was this oily substance from Bettaware, the wall unit is fabulous! your twirling, dancing pics are gorgeous missus! x x x

    1. I am praying to the chazza deities for you! I do love my friend so she shall share in my bounty. I am still trying to get the bloody sticky goo off but have been given a hot tip so hopefully my joy in my new wall unit will be complete. XXX

  4. I am LOVING that Bettie Page purse! And, yes, it is shocking sometimes what people just toss out!


    1. It is shocking, but in this case I couldn't be happier! Thanks so much for stopping by Janey - I adore your blog. XXX