Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sunny days and a sunny day dress.

How can it be November already?
Where did all of October go? Am I missing time or did it really fly by?
We have had some very "Melbourne" weather lately (you know, four seasons in one day), with cold, grey misery sitting right next to gorgeous warmth and azure skies.
I love Melbourne, but I do wish it would make up it's mind!
I'm not complaining though because last weekend  we enjoyed some glorious sunshine, and despite having to do a whole lotta cleaning and mowing ( I may or may not have fecked up the mower by inadvertently mowing over an old tree stump. Doh!), I also got to frock up in my new to me 70's $4.99 dress.
Yeah you better believe me, it just doesn't get better than a frock for less than a fiver!
It is the loveliest sand colour with bright pops of pink, light blue and green, and a swirly skirt with lining so I don't even have to wear a petticoat. Of course I teamed it with some hot pink but I couldn't resist wearing my new  freebie blue beads for a little contrast.
Talking of sand, park your peepers on that gorgeous, fluffy sand.
Sunday was so beautiful the kidlets and I had to (it would have been rude not to!) go the beach for a walk and a frolic.
We basked in the rays,
collected the odd things that get washed up,
and admired (or were repulsed by) the jelly fish.
I'm pretty sure the seagulls were having a jelly fish feast. Do seagulls eat jelly fish?
The little black dog and the boy ran and ran until they could run no more.
Hurry up weekend!
Have you got anything lovely planned for your weekend?


  1. your beach is gorgeous! and quite right to have some fun there, one of our local beaches is beautifully mottled with oil, slime and permanent grey skies haha! we don't go there! your under a fiver dress is a fab buy, you look gorgeous! little Miss is adorable and is a natural in front of the camera, I love the description of the boy and the dog who could run no more! come on the weekend! no plans yet! but have a good one!! x x x

    1. We are really lucky to have our pick of stunning beaches within 10 minutes drive away. Your local one sounds like a winner - slime? Uughhh! Although we do get gross sea weed and jelly fish so I can't talk. Hope you have a great weekend, whatever you do! XXX

  2. You - so pretty in pink.
    Beach - beautiful.
    Kids and dog - adorable.
    Me - a wee bit jealous... It's wet and dark and nowhere near the sea here!
    Have a lovely weekend, Brooke! xxxxx

    1. Sorry, don't want to rub it in. If it gives you any consolation it rained all day and night here too! Thats Melbourne for you. Have a great weekend! XXX

  3. Your posts bring a smile to my face:) I could totally park my peepers on that beach along with my bum:) It's so interesting how it is warm where you are and getting cold where I am. It's like we are in parallel universes. Also, I love that you paired your wonderfully pink card with big blue've got sass and style dear Brooke! Love it:) Next up...light blue hair to match the beads:) Oh and don't forget the perm to go with it.

  4. I can definitely state that the sand is just as soft on ones feet as the bum! It is strange about our opposite weather - I now will get jealous of your warm cardigans and jackets I am sure. Blue hair to match the beads sounds great - watch this space..... XXX