Friday, 29 November 2013

A Stella night


Happy Friday!
It has been a long week and I am so ready for the weekend and a bit of extra sleep, a leisurely drive and lunch in the country, and maybe a bit of sewing to try and cut down the ENORMOUS mending pile that mocks me every time I walk past my spare room.
Looking forward to a quiet but great weekend.
Now, last weekend was a little different. A little more rock and roll. A little more crazy.
My newly taken in frock, with the happy retro print, was taken out for a night of fabulous music at the iconic Espy pub. I did have grand plans of wearing this dress with lolly pink tights  and accessories but after a lunch out celebrating my dads birthday I somehow ran out of time (and energy!), so some  red had to do.
 How cute does the pussy bow look? Bloody cute, right!
 And there it is poking out of my lovely vintage caplet that really was quite inappropriate for the weather as the beautiful day turned to freezing, rainy night. But it looked good, so all of the shivering, goose pimples and blue lips were worth it.
As well as much vodka swilling, crap talking and general laughter, there was a whole lotta lady lovin' going on, with my friends, the husband and I, grooving to the delicious tones of Lisa from the BellRays. OK, so my husband didn't groove so much as sat. But he was upright and for his first night out after his back went to hell he did pretty well.
(Although apparently heavy pain medication and beers don't mix so well. Ooops!)
But, for me, the stand out of the night was the sultry Stella Angelico and the Switch.
Whew! That lady can sing and that lady can move!
She entered the stage in a breathtaking burst of feathers, high heels, tight pants and raw sex appeal and just when we thought it couldn't get any better, she whips off her pants to reveal teeny, tiny,
sparkly hot pants. Oh, and did I say that the lady can move? Holy moly!

Stella is a sassy bad ass that I now have a huge lady crush on. Can't wait to catch her again but until then I will have to make do with playing this on repeat. If this song doesn't have you swinging those hips and swaggering around the house with attitude then something might be wrong with you.
Enjoy and have a great weekend!
Check out the extended version of "Mister" by Stella Angelico and the Switch on You Tube and be prepared to be blown away.

Just dreaming that I am Stella......


  1. I'm joining you on the 'Stella' lady crush! she's magnificent, need to learn to shake my lady stuff a little bit better though!
    your pussy bow is brilliant! love the dress, you gorgeous woman! and the cape is divine, I'm always wearing inappropriate coat/cape/ponco thingies in the cold and when the wind whips them I look like flying squirrel! glad you got to go out though, you have been most vigilant and sympathetic to your Mister, it's good you had some vodka and a shimmy, love the last pic too x x x have a fab quieter weekend! x x x

    1. Stella is magnificent isn't she! Hah, I too have experienced the flying squirrel look - so glad there is a name for it now. We had a great night (with perhaps way too much vodka!) but getting out and letting loose was wonderful. Have a great weekend! XXX

  2. the dress looks wonderful with the red jacket ....

    1. Thanks! I quite like the way it all clashes but yet complements.