Thursday, 21 November 2013


Life is made up of random moments. Snippets, that are like ill fitting puzzle pieces.
Snapshots of my life that don't seem to have any coherence and yet when seen as a whole, make up the big picture......
Experimenting in the kitchen again. Fattening, successful little mouthfuls of macaroon heaven with a chocolate and peanut butter filling. Delightful with a pot of tea. Or without a pot of tea. Anytime really.
Discovering something earth shattering. Pizza cones! Where have they been all my life? Are these a thing anywhere else in the world because I have not seen them before, and fear that my time with them will be all too fleeting. (Which is probably a good thing!)
Getting sick and tired of never being able to find my jewellery so hanging some in a rainbow hued display.
Little Miss has become obsessed with playing on my phone and as well as taping herself singing has been snapping some wonderful shots of blurry feet, blurry cushions, blurry TV and blurry me in a most flattering pose.
Finding some absolute vintage treasures in bags of donated goodies at work. If only I could take them home!
Revelling in the beauty of my bargain flowers that set me back a whopping $4 from the supermarket. They are probably harbouring some strange bug but who cares because they look so pretty and I love having fresh flowers on my dining table. Also revelling in the beauty of my op shopped pink handbag which appears to go with every outfit I wear at the moment.
Are we sensing a pizza theme here? I made my delicious home made pizza with the worlds easiest and most versatile dough. All you need is 2 cups of self raising flour, 1 cup of Greek yoghurt and a pinch of salt. That is it. Mix it all together and knead for a couple of minutes and then cover and let sit for about half an hour. Then roll out and whip up whatever concoction using the dough that you can imagine. We use it for pizza bases, gozlemes, pies......
.....and cal zones. It never fails and it always tastes amazing.
Discovering that we had an unwanted house guest. After much squealing, hyperventilating, trembling and swearing, the spider was coaxed to drop (it sounded like a kitten landing on the floor!) and my brave husband herded it out the door  while I kept screaming, "just kill it!" It doesn't look that big in the pictures but I swear it was as big as my outstretched hand. It did however, very kindly clean the large cobweb from the ceiling and take it with it into the wilds of the park outside.
In other news my husband is upright and able again! Hurrah! We only have a mild divot in the floor  he had languished on for so long and he should be ready to go back to work next week for some half days. I think he may even be looking forward to returning to work.
I was absolutely enthralled by this amazing beat boxer, Tom Thum, and the  noises that man can make. Puts my fart noises to shame.
I think that is all the bits and bobs of my life for now, but will leave you with one more image of the worlds most terrifying spider.


  1. arg its flaming huge! and useful, very good of it to sort out the cobwebs, I need one! one dropped on the Littlest's head one time (not that big!) which resulted in a lot of ridiculous squealing from Mr F, I kindly left it to him to remove it- I like your dough recipe, much easier than mine, I'm so trying it next week, my dough feels like a science lesson - also pizza cones? why don't we have them, yummy looking things - the dress is fab and the shoes are heavenly, I also love your dimples! you gorgeous woman! right, I'm off, have to go and get ready for work, pah x x x x

    1. I am sure the spider meant no harm and was a kindly cleaning spider- I can say this now because I am not looking at the horrific thing! I can't even imagine one falling on my head. I almost wet myself when this one took a few steps. I am not good with spiders! Tell me how the dough turns out. It has been a wonder for us and hope that it turns out beautifully for you.XXX

  2. Yep, I'm going to try that dough recipe too, it sounds easy and if you tell me it's foolproof, I'll believe you! Never seen a pizza cone before, but fresh flowers and pink bags, kids's photos, and home baking are all fabulous. You're fabulous!
    That spider is a big one, it's got chunky legs and everything! xxxxx

    1. Tell me how the dough works out for you - I haven't had a mishap yet. It is easy and yummy! The spider was a bloody huge one and I have seen more than my fair share of spiders. And yes, it did have chunky hairy legs - a bit like mine if I forget to wax for a while.

  3. Holy Moly, that spider just removed all thoughts I had. I don't know what I would have done seeing this big spider in my house. I have a big fear of spiders. My options would have been husband (if he's at work), 9 year old son (if he's at school), scream and panic:) This would have freaked me out. In other news, I just love your dress one of my favorites yet:) Oh, and all this food, I feel like Pavlov's dog.

    1. I have a big problem with spiders too. Just looking at that one leaves me in a cold sweat and a trembling mess. I was so lucky my hubby was still home to deal with it.

  4. what's that? monster spider? it doesn't look big on the pictures? it looks huge! thanks to the brave husband ...
    now i have to vacuum the tiny baby spider to death that moved in our kitchen some days ago. i don't want deal with her when she is a grown up. aaaaaah.