Tuesday, 12 November 2013

One weekend, one dress - two ways


I am more than a little embarrassed to share this (but hey, that is what a blog is for!), but last weekend I donned the same dress for both days.
Le shock! Le horror!
(Are you okay now? Do you need to sit down or have a stiff drink or something?)
I'm sure I'm not the first to do it, am I?
On Saturday I took this gorgeous op shopped Leona Edmiston dress out with some black and white to keep her company. A combination I never would have dared a few years ago because back then I despised blue and thought that it was illegal to ever combine black and blue together.
And then I felt so comfy, and was enjoying the beautiful vibrant shade of cobalt so, and the amazing stretch fabric felt so lovely on, that I thought, "Sod it, I shall be a slovenly, but stylish wretch" and wore it again!
I just love this colour pairing, but then every colour goes with  a good dose of black and white.
My wee bee brooch matches like a dream!
And here we go for my Sunday spin on the dress!
I assure you I did not pong. And my dress had nary a wrinkle on her.
 How I adore these jewel like colours together!
Bugger the "blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between" rule!
Why would people have ever thought that these shades would not be friends? Just look at them together! Snuggling contentedly, and being so sociable. I practically had to tear them apart at the end of the day, they were getting along so well.
Yeah, that is a smug look that says " I'm wearing the same dress. What are you going to make of it?"
I'm not entirely sure what this look says? Are my seams straight? Have I soiled myself? Hmmmm.
The kids get so tired of me prancing about in front of the camera and so often are making silly faces to make me laugh so I turned the camera on them. They both love a chance to look adorable.
To add to our domestic woes at the moment (the poor hubby is still a decorative feature on our lounge floor!), the little Miss has tonsillitis and is full of the grumps and the coughs. Poor little mite!
Must fly as I am required to be a Florence Nightingale/Mother Theresa type and tend to my sick and disabled. Ta ta!


  1. Oh no to the poorly patients, oh yes to the gorgeous frock!
    Nothing wrong with wearing the same dress two days running - doing it myself today! That blue/green "rule" is insane, I LOVE blue and green together, and yes, the cobalt looks fabulous with black and white too.
    Great pic of the littlies, very cute! xxxx

  2. poor hubby is still bad, and poor Little Miss, tonsillitis is vicious, poor baby, and you must be worn out! and you look fabulous, gorgeous woman! I love your hair, blue and green should be seen, who said they shouldn't? who? it's daft, I say! the cobalt is stunning on you and wearing the same dress again is fine, I do the sniff test (I know, it's a bit grim, but really, ironing circle dresses takes far too long!) your two little ones are just gorgeous!! x x x now sit down and put your feet up x x x

  3. Your children are so cute:) It's hard to balance it all isn't it? You have such a grand collection of lovely shoes! Lovely paring of outfits and I've got a big place in my heart for polka dots:) Your hair looks very lovely too! I hope your daughter feels better soon!

  4. Nice style you have! I discovered you via Peaches McGinty
    I will try to do your lovely felt hat -