Monday, 2 December 2013


Howdy all!
 Has everyone popped over to  Joanna's lovely blog, Dividing Vintage Moments
Joanna, like so many others in blog land, is a constant source of vintage inspiration, with her divine collection of princess coats, Lilli Anne suits and breathtaking jewellery. I really could spend hours raving and gushing like a star struck teen about my many girl crushes on blog legends, who daily, inspire me stylistically and creatively with their lives full of vintage love.
So when Joanna challenged her readers to ponder their inspirations, I couldn't help but reminisce about my vintage and blogging journey and what it is about retro and vintage that rocks my world and inspires me so.
So, in no specific order, my inspirations are;
1. Vintage blogs
Duh! Where would I be without my daily fix of vintage goodness. I am enthralled and entranced by the many vintage loving beauties out there in blog land. If only I could raid all those wardrobes!
 2. Flowers
In my hair, on my frocks, on my jewellery, I am such a sucker for floral.
3.Vintage gloves
Nothing makes me feel more like a lady than donning a pair of vintage gloves. And luckily for me I have freakishly small hands and so any vintage gloves I find always fit!
4. Vintage half hats
 I love making them, and love wearing them even more. There is a certain allure to a little hat covered in flowers and ribbons tilted on a jaunty angle. I LOVE them, and my little collection is ever growing with a few more I picked up recently to feature in their own post soon.
5. 50's silhouette
My body is made for the nipped in  waist and fuller skirts of this style. If ever there was a cut of frock that truly makes me feel gorgeous, this is it!
6. Peter Pan Collar
So girlish and so sweet, I just swoon when I spot a peter pan collar. And I am so obsessed with them that I have been known to sew a collar on a dress just to make it even better.
7. Pussy Bows
 Like the peter pan collar, I just can't resist the flirtyness of the pussy bow. It is so full of contradictions. Is it sexy or straight laced? Whatever it is I adore them!
8. Capes and capelets
 Sometimes a jacket just doesn't cut it and only an adorable little cape worn demurely over the shoulders will do. And a capelet or stole feels more appropriate with a vintage frock.
9 .Hand bags

I have a HUGE collection of bags, with some of my most treasured items being my vintage and antique bags. From gorgeous little red patent leather numbers to stunning embroidered and beaded lovelies I simply can't have enough bags!
10. Umm, this is going to sound weird but......
honestly I just am so inspired by gorgeous little old nana's with their grace and dignity and unfailing ability to match their hat to their suit and their gloves to their coat. I am such a nana on the inside and I work with the blue rinse set so really it is no wonder I admire them so and find myself emulating their style.
I could probably go on and on as I have so many inspirations and vintage obsessions and find new ones all the time.
Why don't you head over to Joanna's and see her inspirations and enter her giveaway.
What are your inspirations?


  1. A fabulous styley wordless post!! xx

  2. Ha! Stupid me posted it before I had written it but I will pretend it was on purpose! XXX

  3. the Nana shot is great! reminds me of a fabulous older lady who used to take the bus in her 50's style, gloves and turban, she was awesome! you look gorgeous in these pics, the glove pic of you is so elegant and beautiful and yes to peter pan collars and pussy bow's and capes! I can see you in that dress, isn't it so beautiful? I adore vintage styling so much, and you are a vintage Queen! I have yet to find a vintage frock to fit my rack and waist, I wear repro but one day, I know I will get one haha! surely there has to be one out there!! x x x

  4. Aren't the old gals fabulous! I do love me some repro too but am such a tight wad that I still try and find all my vintage at op shops. Keep treasure hunting for that perfect fitting vintage dress - it is out there, somewhere.......... XXX

  5. All the inspirations you mention are definitely very much your style, Brroke - I love your ladylike 50s look, you carry it off beautifully! And the Nanas rock!
    Me, I'm a bit more of a 60-70s gal, although the 50s silhouette suits my shape too, as it does yours. I think I feel too clumsy and clunky to really pull it off! I just like to mix it up, a bit of 80s frockage doesn't do any harm either - I'm an inspiration tart, I'll take it from anywhere! xxxx

    1. I love how you mix it up and few people can rock a maxi like you! Cheers to inspiration tarts! XXX

  6. As I went through each number I kept thinking, hey, that's me, I love this! I didn't know you made your own hats. I would love to hear more about this! I'm so in vintage envy that you have your choice selection of vintage gloves. I, on the other hand, have very long fingers so a lot of times the gloves don't fit, I sometimes feel like the step sister of Cinderella trying on gloves instead of shoes. There are many-a-gem of gloves that I have just loved but had to pass on. I especially love Lilly Dache gloves, if you see these nab them for yourself they are so artistic. You have some AMAZING bags. This is difficult for me to find the right bags without appearing to granny like, although I do love the "Nana effect" like you say in 10. :) A wonderful post dear Brooke. I very much enjoyed reading it. I just love your blog and your spirit:)

    1. We must be vintage kindred spirits! I am always envious of your lovelies. Am so glad you enjoyed reading my inspirations and thanks for helping to inspire me!

  7. You make those hats? You are amazing! I love your sassy 1950s style and your Nana inspirations.
    Like Curtise, I'm a 1960s and 1970s gal, free flowing and easy care which fits in with my life of public transport & charity shops! Lovely to meet you! x

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and your for lovely comments. I have loved your blog for ages and am always inspired by your vivacious style. X