Thursday, 10 October 2013

And there wasn't even sugar involved.

There are so many things my children do that make me shake my head in wonder.
There are so many things my children do that make me shake with frustration.
There are so many things my children do that have me shaking and rolling on the floor with laughter.
Like this;

This is what happens at my house when the kids decide that simply changing into their pyjama's isn't as fun as having a harry-high pants dance party.
The result; me almost wetting myself and some very funny photos that may or may not be used to embarrass said children when they are older.
And I thought I was a ham! Honestly, my son has some moves and poses that leave me in the dust!
In other news I am in the midst of mad preparations and costume mayhem for this weekends annual zombie shuffle through Melbourne. And yeah I am bloody excited despite having left most of my preparations until the last moment.
For those who have ever wondered about what a zombie girl guide looks like (haven't you all?) stay tuned......


  1. Great little posers - wonder where they get that from...?! My kids frustrate/amuse/delight/irritate me in equal measure. Some days, not so equal actually, it all depends...
    Can't wait to see the zombie girl guide look! xxxx

  2. your 2 are gorgeous! I love random 'lets have a giggle run round mayhem' and yes, those pics will be very useful in the future (fun when they are 17+ so much fun!) Looking forward to the zombie outfit! x x