Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Lost and found

I am ashamed to say that I often "lose" clothing in the black hole that is my wardrobe.
I imagine a Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe style wardrobe that somehow hides bits and pieces of clothing in a far off land but the truth is more likely that my unworn, unloved clothes fall from their cramped hangers, limping off to die in a dark corner surrounded by dust bunnies.
I rediscovered a couple of pieces in the abyss (and behind a chair and under the bed) and vowed that for a while I would try and wear all of my found pieces. Give them a little love. Show them a good time.
Aha! I knew I had a mustard yellow cardigan!
Yep, pretty chuffed with my matchy- matchiness!
I was feeling a bit dark and moody but am so happy I found this op shopped petticoat style skirt languishing at the bottom of the wardrobe.
Did someone say languishing? Yeah, this is what I do instead of doing homework and housework like I probably should. Lazy wench.
There is that same Dangerfield skirt again but at least I found this lovely  teal op shopped cardigan at the bottom of a drawer to pair it with. And oh look! My velvet (possible knitting) bag goes perfectly.
And I did give them a good time. We had some great times, did some stuff.
Due to the unfortunate and untimely demise of my fave op shop (or happy place as I like to call it), Savers, I have had to venture further out and revisit some other thrifty havens.
And as if to console me in my desolate and bereft Saver-less state, these other shops have been really paying out and I have been finding some divine goodies to cramp my wardrobe even further.
I did it! I bought something in brown! Two things in fact! I know that with the warmer weather coming this amazing coat with its luscious fur collar is totally seasonally inappropriate but as we all know, you have to grab those bargains when you find them. And for $12 it was a complete bargain.
 And don't you love the stunning bowls case. It even still has the owners name written in it and their rubbing cloth in the bottom.
I also found this amazing dress that needs a little tweaking at the same store as the coat.
Yep, in real life those colours are just as loud and crazy as in the pictures. Maybe louder.
You are definitely not going to miss me in this frock!
I can't wait to take this one in and then take her out.
Another vintage hand bag because I really needed another (like a hole in the head!).
And finally this gorgeous hat. Which I haven't quite figured out yet. Is this the front?
Or is this the front? Any ideas?
Actually I guess it doesn't really matter because I love it either way!


  1. Fark ME, I have been after such a bowling bag for ages!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
    And I love brown. But you likely know that. The coat is gorgeous.
    I'm chronic for losing stuff amongst the pit that is my room...and also the bedroom; things get caught up in G's stuff...I'm still hoping a darling fur collar I got at Two Squirrels a year ago will turn up in his socks or something.
    Love the pic of you languishing, and I love mustard! I need a decent mustard cardi!

  2. oh you are a veiled vision, I love/want the hat, I love the languishing and matchy matchy lovliness! those black/white Mary Janes, in fact all your Mary Janes. OK, I adore it all! and losing stuff drives me crackers and happens way too frequently x x

  3. I am another one with a habit of losing stuff; I know it must be in the house somewhere, but I'm buggered if I can find it! Your retrieved items all look gorgeous, love the tulle skirt and the mustard cardigan especially. The new coat and bowling bag are great finds, as are the funky print frock and red bag. And you look ultra chic in the 50s hat, the veil is va-va-voom sexy! xxx

  4. Brooke, you have some super cool bags! Lets go shopping? Also love the MJ's:) Great outfits! The hat with the veil is very cute:)

  5. so many fun new things in this post ... love the dotted skirt paired with mustard and with petrol ... adore the brown coat and the brown bag ... i could go green with envy because of your new hat .... aaaaah, i simply love what i see here!!!! good that these pieces are back from hiding in the black hole.