Monday, 14 October 2013

And the dead, they did shuffle

On a deliciously sunny Saturday, Melbourne city was infested with hordes of the walking dead.
Zombies large and small stumbled, shambled and staggered along the busy urban streets, with kind volunteers working as undead wranglers to ensure the bloodied masses didn't try any funny zombie shenanigans on the roads in front of  cars and trams. (Zombies don't fare too well against trams.)
We missed the beginning so didn't see how many people (I mean zombies) took part but it appeared that there were a bloody lot of the blighters with some people (I mean zombies) looking hideously realistic and even giving me horrid little shivers.
Like this fella. He didn't say much, but he looked like he had been pretty busy what with all that blood and gore adorning his body.
Or this lady who had the most frightening eyes I have ever seen and every now and then would emit a spine chilling keen that had me in bits.
Hands down (get it, hands down! Ha!) this little mite was the cutest baby flesh eater I have ever seen, decked out in a vintage bloodied christening gown and slobbering all over a rubber hand.
 And then there was us, the mighty 13th scout troop, all decorated with real merit badges and scout wear sourced from op shops. I thought we looked pretty fantastic and was amazed by all of the attention we got from onlookers.
There was a spell when all we did was pose with people for photos looking menacing and, well, dead. For me , the dead in the eyes look wasn't so much of a stretch!

We had crowds of admirers. So so many. It was like my son was zombie Beiber, he was that popular with everyone wanting a shot with him.
We had a wonderfully revolting and scary day, and are already planning next years costumes and theme. Any ideas?
I was so busy shambling and moaning for brains that I didn't have a chance to snap any pics so I have borrowed all of the above from my fellow scout, the divine lady B and will leave you with a glimpse of some more ghoulish images borrowed from face book.
What a scary lot, huh? Enough to give you nightmares.
I was so impressed by everyone's effort and the gory lengths people had gone to.
 There are some very dark imaginations out there!
Ooops! Don't you hate it when  rotting flesh just drops from your chin.


  1. aaaarg! so scary good and terrifying, and a zombie baby which was cute in a sinister weird way! Mr Zombie Bieber is a natural mingling with his fans and you are ghoulish girl guide awesome, and dang that rotting flesh, so inconvenient! zombies = excellent stuff x x

    1. Was all so good in a crazy creepy way. Zombies = excellent stuff for sure! XXX

  2. Good Lord, you and your son look amazing! Such wonderful make-up, no wonder you got lots of attention and people wanted to take your photo! Loving all the effects and costumes - Flesh Eating Baby and Bloody Sherlock are my faves! xxxx

    1. I think I loved Sherlock the best too! But there were so many fantastic gory looks it was hard to pick the best. XXX