Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Farewell bountiful friend!

I'm not sure if I can write this.
The emotions are still too strong; the wound still too raw.
(Be strong Miss B, be strong!)
Okay, here it goes.
Something terrible happened.
Something that shook me to the core.
Something that left me reeling, adrift and alone.
My favourite local op shop closed!
Oh Savers, I miss you so!
You were always so generous and bountiful, always providing me with lovely goodies to cherish and adore.
You were my safe haven when the world felt too crazy and hard.
You were my happy place where my spirit could refresh and renew and I would always leave your doors knowing that all was right in the universe once more.
And now you will never again welcome me with open arms.
(Short interlude filled with sobbing and moaning.)
Why Savers, why?
Sure your building was violating every building and safety code and it was only a matter of time before a terrible accident befell some hapless shopper in your almost derelict elevator.
But still I feel quite abandoned and rejected. Why did Savers not love me enough to stay?
(More sobbing and moaning.)
So, in honour of the fabulous Savers, I found my last Savers frocks to show off.
 As soon as I saw this vintage frock with its joyous colours and floral print, I was smitten.
It had some minor sleeve issues (don't they all?) which I have now rectified, and I have to say, I think it is one of my all time favourite Savers finds.
These colours just make me happy. And really, shouldn't every frock make you happy?
And the sweet little bow and perfectly twirlable skirt make me smile.(And dance. Oh yeah this dress is just made for dancing!)
I also picked up this rather blah beige number because I fell for its adorable collar and lace detail.
See! Such a cute collar! I am definitely not in love with the boring colour so the frock awaits a more vibrant shade. I'm thinking apple green, but am open to suggestions if anyone has any great ideas.
I am trying to find consolation in the wonderful memories and gorgeous attire that Savers has provided me with over the years.
Just look at all these beauties!
And that is not all of my Savers haul! There is so much more!
Can you see why I will sorely miss them?
 All hope is not lost though as  I have been informed that they are trying to find some suitable premises in the local area. So until then, I have my memories (and a bloody lot of frocks!).


  1. I feel your pain.....
    even though it sounds like it was violating health and safety everything, your beautiful Savers treasures will keep you warm until they find new premises which won't injure/endanger customers - this post has brought up memories of Super Seconds, I think I may have been it's only customer, I still remember that place with it's bucket bargain madness, sigh x x

    1. We will always have the memories......XXX

  2. Oh that's a shame, but you will always have your memories, and your treasures!
    Such a pretty frock, gorgeous floral print and delicious colours.
    Don't be sad - there are plenty more op shops out there! xxx

    1. There are many more op shops it is true, and I have been trying to make up for the lack of Savers by hitting all the others very hard at the moment. And I will always have my memories and frocks to treasure! XXX

  3. Oh no.. That's horrible :-( Here: Take all my pity, please :-(

    But still, you look gorgeous in this dress. And I am a little jealous at the moment, because I adore its colors and especially your matching shoes.
    I hope time (and fashion) can heal your wounds!

    xoxo, Saperlotte