Saturday, 26 October 2013

Half hat how-to

So instead of writing an essay like I should have been, I decided to whip up another felt vintage style half hat.
This time I decided to do a little how-to so if any one else feels like tackling one of these little beauties they can.
Now, when I craft I usually find it essential to have an endless supply of tea (or vodka if it is a really difficult project) at hand, some good TV and an area to make a really good mess. All these things are optional, but vodka does make everything better.
OK,  ready? I'll wait while you go and gather the following materials;
- felt in  whatever colour or colours of your choice,
- scissors,
- pencil,
- something circular to use as a template for the circles. I used the very handy 20c, 10c and 5c pieces I had in my purse (pretty much all I had in my purse!),
- dressmakers chalk pencil (if you don't mind leaving permanent marks on the felt you could use a pen or marker),
- paper or card to trace your base template,
- millinery wire or any type of fine wire,
- hair clips to secure hat to your head,
- hot glue gun or craft glue.
I used scraps of felt from other projects so this little job didn't even cost anything, but felt is very cheap (and very forgiving!) so the project shouldn't put you out too much anyway.
Have you heard about how many germs are meant to be on money? Don't think about it! That's the key. The head in the sand idea works for me for so many things.
Lets begin! Get tracing people! I just traced and cut out those wee circles in the three different sizes like a mad woman whilst watching "Oddities" and dreaming of having a cool weird shop like that one day.
Each flower requires 5 circles (but you could double up each petal with a larger on the bottom and smaller on top).Grab a petal, fold it over so the open end is towards you, pinch, and thread that needle through. I like to go through twice on the first petal just to be sure. Repeat with all of your petals until you have all 5 strung together, then fiddle around until they are all tightly squished together in a flower like shape and then tie off the thread.
Look! Felt flowers!
For the base you will need to create a template on paper. I measured my head and drew up a shape that I was happy with but you can make any shape you like. Go crazy! I don't have an enormous head and only wanted a half hat style so my piece measured 7 inches long and about 3.5 inches at its widest.
Trace and cut 2 base pieces in felt. 
Bend the wire so that it fits about 1cm in from edge of a piece of the felt and tack it down
Play around and position your flowers until you are satisfied with the placement and then start sewing them on to the piece of wired felt (opposite side to the wire though). The flowers just need a couple of stitches through the centres where you won't really see them.
We are getting close people. Almost done!
I added some green felt leaves for some contrast because I love purple and green together.
Grab your other piece of felt and place it over your wired piece and then stitch down around the very edge. You could do this bit before you add the flowers as it is a lot easier without the petals getting in the way, bit then you are left with all the flower stitches showing through. I am still trying to come up with a solution for that conundrum. Any ideas?
Now all you need to do is glue down small rectangles of felt to keep the clips in place. A blob on either end of each rectangle should do the trick. I find that this type of clip really holds the hat in place rather than alligator clips, but then I have super fine hair and nothing stays in my hair!
 Once the glue has dried clip in place and admire your handy work.
Easy peasy!
I may add some beads to the centre of each flower but that is a task for another day when I have completed this bloody essay. (Can you tell I am a champion procrastinator?)
Good luck and please let me know if you decide to give this project a try. I'd love to see your results!)


  1. excellent! bloody marvellous! you are a talented woman! I am definitely trying this, and am a little over excited at the thought, good call on the clips too, vodka/tea infused crafting sounds like my kind of thing! you look gorgeous Missus, I hope you had a relax before tackling the essay x x

  2. Oh that looks so pretty, Brooke! Clever idea, and you make it look reasonably do-able, especially with the vodka as an accompanying beverage!
    Good to know I am not alone in my dreadful procrastination tendencies too! xxxxx

  3. Wow that is AWESOME!! And thanks for sharing! You look so pretty in that.

  4. Really gorgeous. I have to try this! :D

  5. What a beautiful headpiece^^ And it looks so easy... óÒ I have to try that some time - when I get my hands on some felt and wire^^