Monday, 21 October 2013

Coping and capes

Where has the time gone?
The past two weeks have been a little crazy in my life and I am feeling very over it all.
My husband has been laid low with a flare up of an old back injury, his dreaded nemesis  the bulging disc wrecking havoc on his health.
Now, when I say he has been laid low, I really mean really laid low. The poor man has been flat on his back on the floor in the lounge room and hasn't been able to sit or stand for more than a minute without excruciating agony for the past two weeks. I think he has left a body imprint in our flooring it has been so long since he has budged.
I do feel very sorry for my big fella, but bloody hell it had been difficult to shoulder the burden of the household by myself. I find myself having to tackle all of those manly tasks like spider chasing, rubbish removal and heavy lifting as well as fitting in all of my normal mothering duties, cooking, cleaning, work etc and already I am sick of it and my time seems to have become non existent.
Hats off to all those single parents that somehow manage to cope with it all because I am floundering.
And unfortunately stress does terrible things to me and I cope by eating and worrying. Very helpful mechanisms I know.
And equally unfortunate is how I look when I am stressed. Saying that the pasty, unkempt and spotty look is unattractive is a gross understatement so even if I had the time to take some outfit shots you most definitely would not want to have seen them. Trust me, I am doing you a big favour.
Anyway, today I could take it no more and I braved the rain and escaped to quickly fit in a bit of me time when I was meant to be grocery shopping. Dressing up again, hitting the op shops and scoffing a salted caramel macaroon  did the trick beautifully and I think I am restored and rejuvenated once more.
A girl can be wonderfully cheered up by some gorgeous vintage gloves, a capelet and my new to me red bag. (And salted caramel macaroon's! Oh yeah!)
By the way is it just me or does everyone like to flap their arms madly when they are wearing a cape and imagine they are birds? Or bats? Or superman?
Or is it just me?
Does anyone have any real tips on managing stress besides macaroons?


  1. Oh dear, your poor husband, back pain is the pits. And poor you, you definitely needed some time out and about on your own. And you looked delicious doing it too, red and black are a classic combination and the capelet/Superheroine cloak is gorgeous!
    Everyone's different when it comes to stress, aren't they? I always think that you only so much time and energy, so prioritise, and drop the stuff that isn't essential. And ask for help wherever possible, there's nothing to be gained from soldiering on alone and getting exhausted. Hope things improve soon! xxxx

  2. Thanks so much for the advice. Fingers crossed the hubby improves but in the meantime I am realising that the floor doesn't really need cleaning and frozen dinners have become my friends. XXX

  3. poor hubby, you have been sympathetic AND done everything, of course a little salted macaroon does more good than harm and worrying saps the energy like a bugger, especially at night time, I have to 'stop worrying' and think of nice things, I have had to train myself! of course wearing a gorgeous cape is a good thing and you must flap in one !! You look gorgeous and I'm glad you escaped for a bit, which is essential otherwise it would be gin for breakfast, Mum time is important, and you should congratulate yourself for being a legend too, my sympathy for Mr F at times has been criminal! x x

    1. Thanks for the sympathy! I thinks that's all I needed. It is true that worrying saps the energy and I do try not to and fill my head with dreams of pretty frocks and other fancies but I find that those pesky worries creep in. I will try very hard because at present gin for breakfast sounds good! XXX

  4. I hope your husband gets well soon. To have to lay flat for all that time! Oh boy! Also, I would have to admit that spider chasing has got to be the worse! I feel for you dear gal! You look lovely with your splashes of red. Go get em!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. And yes, spider wrangling is definitely not my forte. (I am usually the one hyperventilating in a corner!) XXX

  5. oooooooooooooooooooooooooh, i love this cape! you look stunning in this outfit.
    i hopeyour hubby is better now .... :)

    1. Thanks! I don't want to jinx him but I think the hubby's back is a little better. I do love a cape!