Tuesday, 30 July 2013

New specs and new sleeves.

Just a note to say I FINALLY got new glasses and now am noticing so many details that I couldn't really see before.
Was the floor always so dirty?
Have there always been those cobwebs in the corner of the lounge?
Was the stitching I did on this dress always so wonky?
Ahhh, maybe 'tis better to live in my blurry haze!
I do love this dress though, because there are so many colours to match with and now that I finally hacked off the offending sleeves I am finding the dress much more me.
See - new sleeves! This length is infinitely better.
Oh, and in case you could miss it..... pussy bow perfection!
Do you like my new specs? Don't I look smarter?
I just love the shape and that little star burst sparkle at the corners.
I bit the bullet and ordered my new lovelies through the on line store, Eye Buy Direct.
It was incredibly easy, wonderfully quick, and best of all, fabulously cheap!
After scouring shops and wincing at the $300-$400 price tags, I ordered my glasses (with all the extras like anti scratch and anti glare) in my prescription for about $70. Huzzah!
More money to spend on vintage dresses, capelets and bags!
And talking of frocks and capelets, my new specs and I headed over to the Waverley Bazaar and because of my improved eyesight, spotted some pretties. Which I had to buy because I'd saved money on my glasses. Of course!


  1. Woo hoo, toast to the deal on your new glasses. Quite snazzy if I do say so. I also love your hair accessory! Super cute dress!

  2. Great new specs, they really suit you, Brooke.
    Beautiful dress too, sometimes a little alteration here and there gives a piece a whole new lease of life. xxxx

  3. Thanks! So true - a little refash does wonders for a frock. (A little nip and tuck does wonders for a girl too!)XXXX