Saturday, 20 July 2013

A night of leopard, laughs and an amazing lady.

After the turmoil and stress at work lately, boy did I need a night out!
And so on Friday, after a loooooong day at work, I slapped on some more war paint and dressed myself in my fave vintage leopard print coat for a night out with great friends.
 A cute mustard bag and some op shopped bangles that I kid myself are Bakelite finished the look. (They could be!)
This coat is seriously fantastic. With such a luxurious black faux fur collar and cuffs and the softest leopard fur it makes me feel like a rock star whenever I wear it.
Of course I was a little worse for wear after getting rained on all night but I was still toasty warm.
My hair didn't much like the rain either but by the time I noticed I had already imbibed a few bevvies and wasn't caring too much! Hooray!
Whenever the husband and I get together with our mates MUCH, MUCH laughter ensues. And usually some crazy hi jinks. And more laughter. Then some shenanigans. Then more laughter.
Funny things just happen when we are all together.
And Friday night was no different.
We headed to The Corner in Richmond to shake off the week.
In amongst all the silliness and immaturity intelligent philosophical discussions we managed to catch the AMAZING Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes.
Oh my, were this band bloody brilliant!
With the sexy undulations of the back up dancers/singers, the very cool sax sounds and the unbelievable voice of the sultry Miss Browne herself, it was an unforgettable show.
We were shimmying and shaking along with the music all night and from the look of the rest of the crowd, they couldn't help but move and groove as well. It was just the kind of music!
Yes I may still have a wee bit of a sore head today, but I got to laugh and drink and dance my worries away. And I got to wear leopard whilst I did it.
I count that as an awesome night!
Has anyone caught any great bands lately?


  1. Happy to hear you had such a fun night out. Your coat is just lovely. It's so funny seeing the opposite weather patterns. It's so hot here now that I couldn't imagine wearing a coat right now:)

    1. It has been quite mild in Melbourne so far but there have been some freezing mornings and nights and always coat weather outside. I am looking forward to Spring but I have to say I don't like our Summers much - way too hot for my liking. It is funny about the opposite weather and I do have some pangs of envy when I see so many people in blog land wearing cute vintage sundresses!

  2. Gorgeous coat, gotta love a bit of leopard! Glad you had a good night out, it sounds fabulous.
    I was listening to some live folk music in the open air yesterday and really enjoyed it. xxxx

    1. It was fabulous, thanks! Your weekend sounds great too. There is something really special about listening to music in the open air with everyone relaxed and enjoying themselves. XXX

  3. the coat is awesome. i have a quite similar one but wear it not that often because it doesn't goes that well with my 50s dresses.

  4. I had the same problem with this jacket -it didn't go with any vintage frock in my wardrobe so I had to bite the bullet and wear a modern plain black dress so the jacket could shine on its own!

  5. Fark, schwing a ding ding, you look GORGEOUS!!!
    I fecking LOVE that coat...and want to steal it....grrrrr
    The last band I saw was one of G's 4 bands, and they were splendid!

  6. The coat is awesome! I have spotted you in my jackets brother, an equally awesome looking number. You are so lucky you can get live music on tap from G or even indulge in your own rock star antics when you are performing with Toasted Flange. (Best band name EVER!)XXX