Sunday, 28 July 2013

A fabulous 40's find

There I was, all dirty hair and red cape, just minding my business at the Savers 50% off sale
when it happened.
Something I had heard of only in vintage blog land yarns.
Something I had thought was mere fantasy, vintage urban myth, possibly even a fairy tale.
Something I had yearned for and dreamt about and hoped for.
(Drum roll please.......)
I found a divine 1940's dress in immaculate condition!!!!!!
So we danced to celebrate such a momentous occasion!
Oh what a beauty she is with her gold sequined leaf design around the beautifully draped neck.
And she has the sweetest peplum and side detail.
Such a cut and crepe that hangs like a dream.
And I could gush about the sleeves all day long but I wont, I will just show you all a few more pics of my new love.
I had to lighten the photo's as I just can not capture black properly.
After dancing with my lovely and generally faffing about, I did try her on.
OK so we had some issues there.
My new frock obviously doesn't love me as much as I love her and I may have to have some kind of experimental hip, thigh, and butt removal surgery for me to fit into her (damn those narrow hipped, no junk in the trunk gals of yesteryear!).
Despite the not fitting the bottom half of me problem I adore my new dress and am still amazed I found it at an op shop for such a ridiculous price and I got thinking about my best vintage buys and where I usually score great vintage lovelies.
For me, my purchases can be narrowed down to 5 categories;
1. Op shop (obviously my fave place!)
2. Antique/vintage shop
3. Markets
4. Gifts from people
5. Ebay/Etsy
So I thought that each week I might bring you some snaps of my fave vintage treasures from all of the above.
How about you? Where do you find your vintage beauties from?
(I am ashamed to say that this modern op shopped dress cost more than my 40's frock! What is going on in this mixed up crazy world!)


  1. Oh yes, I love stumbling across something wonderful in a completely unexpected place. The 1940s frock is a beauty - will you keep, sell on, alter to fit, what are your plans?
    I have found some absolute treasures for very little money on Ebay, so I always have a little browse, you just never know what will turn up. Otherwise it's charity shops, flea markets, and the occasional vintage shop/fair (though you can't really expect bargains there.)
    LOVE that little red cape, btw! xxxx

  2. Life is like a treasure hunt isn't it? Not sure what to do with my new dress. I am going to be very good and try and lose some weight that has been creeping on and see if in a few months it might fit. If that fails my lovely may have a date with :( Thanks for sharing your top spots for picking up your treasures. XXX