Sunday, 7 July 2013

Seeing spots

Many moons ago I bought this Dangerfield skirt.
With its gorgeous red colour, cute 40's style, pockets and polka dot pattern, it was a complete no brainer and fast became a wardrobe staple.
 Nothing goes better with red than black in my books.
Throw in a little white and it becomes the perfect combo.
And my AMAZING red op shopped bag made an appearance in the ensemble today too.
This bag was a ridiculous $ 7 and in perfect condition and I don't think I can rave and gush enough about it. It is shiny and perfectly formed and makes me oh so happy. Love, love, love!
But back to the skirt.
I adored it so much, that of course, I had to buy the black and white version as well. Well duh!
So this past weekend I wore my op shopped purple pussy bow cardi with the same black and white skirt. And yeah, I love the black and white style just as much as the red and white.
 My new to me purple mary jane wedges went on their maiden voyage so I could add a bit more matchy matchy purple, but unfortunately I have discovered that they are terribly uncomfortable.
I am not giving in though. I will persevere with  wearing them and hopefully they will become a bit more foot friendly with time.
 (Or  I will get some horrendous infection from blisters and my feet will fall off! Can that happen?)
I have had a little peek into my wardrobe and have realised that these skirts are not the only polka dotted beauties I own. I also have 4 more spotty skirts, 5 tops with spots, 3 dresses with dots and various jackets and accessories in the pattern too!
So the conclusion I must come to is that I am mad for polka dots.
I am dotty for dots!
Making the most of some winter sunshine in my spotty state. Glorious!
Did everyone have a good weekend?


  1. Spotty dotty heaven!
    Such a fab skirt, of course you had to have it in black and white as well!

    1. But of course! I am even wondering if they have it in more colours! XXX

  2. Can't resist some polka dots! I love the combination of red, black and white too, but the little blast of purple looks great as well. xxx

    1. Thanks! I guess we are suckers for some polka dots!XXX