Saturday, 13 July 2013

When life gives you lemons, make lemon meringue pie!

The universe has hit me with an enormous metaphorical cream pie.
Splat! Right on the kisser!
Huge changes at work and LOTS of people possibly losing their jobs means that my workplace has been a bit bleak and there are some very anxious and sad people.
There have been tantrums, tirades and tears .
And that has just been me! In one morning!
Life looks a little cheerier at the moment because if I have learnt anything in the many years I have been on this world, it is that things happen for a reason.
So I am going to put away the box of tissues and bottle of vodka, do some re-training, update my skills, put my future in the hands of the universe and hope for the best!
(Gosh I sound so philosophical!)
During the last week of turmoil and upheaval I have found solace in a few things.
I have discovered that cake makes everything better and have been baking up a storm to cheer my work mates up. The medicinal and healing properties of cheesecake is truly amazing!
I have also discovered that playing with puppies lifts the spirit no end.
A teacup Chihuahua named Possum and a baby Fox terrier named Pippa have been giving me lots of furball loving. You can't be down when a little puppy is squirming and wriggling in your lap and you are covered in little doggy kisses.
And believe it or not I was delighted to discover that my pink thrifted vintage cardi goes perfectly with my vintage dress with its pretty pink flowers.
Yeah I know, not a major thing, but it is the little things that are getting me through!
I was so happy to realise that I could winter-fy this summer frock with some extra layers, and tights.
And the little-uns have been cheering me with their smiles and cuddles and distracting me with their bickering and general crazy shenanigans.
And now I am off to visit one of my happy places, a place I can meditate and be at one with the universe - Savers op shop! There is no therapy like retail therapy!
How do you stay sane when life gets tricky?


  1. Sending a lot of we'll wishes your way. I believe your approach about fate is a great way to look at it. I know it is such a cliche statement but it comes to my mind ... When one door closes another one opens... On another note, I just love your outfit and would love to wear this in a heartbeat:))))

    1. Sorry about the spelling, iPad is not easy to type with:)

    2. Thank you so much for your good wishes. I am doing the old "chin up" and "fingers crossed" thing at the moment.XXX

  2. Firstly - gorgeous frock and matchy-matching cardi - there is always comfort to be found in a great outfit!
    Second - oh dear, your work changes sound awful, went through something similar before I had Littlest, and it was shitty and stressful and sad. Hope things turn out OK for you, I admire your positive attitude (I took the being-cross-and-crying approach and it got me nowhere...)
    Charity shopping is definitely therapeutic. So is laughing! xxxx

  3. Thanks! I did try the vodka swilling, ranting and fist shaking approach but I ran out of vodka, so I had a little sleep and wouldn't you know it, I felt a bit better! Charity shopping has proven very helpful and tomorrow I am going to try a huge dose of laughter with some mates. XXX

  4. That summer frock looks great winter-fied!

    1. Thanks! It's great to get use out of a fave dress all year round isn't it!

  5. Sometimes op shop retail therapy isn't enough, and I have to do some intensive retail window-shopping therapy. I'm sure the shop assistants think I'm nuts when I browse for ages and don't buy anything, but I do find it helps take my mind off whatever is bugging me!

    1. You are so right. Sometimes big problems call for big doses of window shopping. I could happily spend a full day traipsing through expensive little boutiques and never buy a thing but come away from the day feeling happier.