Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Black velvet if you please...

(Oh my God, I can't believe I just quoted  "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles in my title.
That song drives me nuts because if I hear it then it then gets stuck on repeat in my head until I feel like I am going to stab myself in the ear with a knitting needle just to make it stop.
And yet, get me at a party or at the pub after a few bevvies and I am so busting out my moves on the dance floor, belting out the bloody song with everyone else who grew up  in the 90's. Go figure.)
 I have had Little Miss home sick with an ear infection and a major case of the grizzles and grumps.
(Understandable. I would be grumpy too. In fact I have been grumpy, possibly in sympathy.)
So instead of all the terribly exciting, high society type things that normally make up my life (I can dream!), I have been schlepping around home, entertaining a miserable and moody little madam and watching endless kids movies.
(My fave is still Coraline. Her fave is The Mummy. Yeah, we may have some issues to deal with later but girlfriend really digs scary flicks.)
I did reach several points where I had the stir crazies and thought that if I didn't leave my little house I would go mental and begin spouting lines from Labyrinth whilst pretending to be a little tea pot.
But it also could have been op shop withdrawal.
So when I was able I made up for my time away and have found some great lovelies that have all quickly become wardrobe staples.
How did I live without my new to me black velvet vintage Skirtmaster skirt? I don't know either.
It fits like a dream and twirls in such a  satisfactory manner. And hello! Half price! So a piddly $ 3.50 was spent on a total winner.
And then lo and behold, I found a matching vintage, possibly German, black velvet jacket with the most amazing trim around the neck (what is that trim called?) and down the jacket closure, a nipped in waist and a little peplum. Be still my heart!
I have dreamt about adorable jackets like this and can't wait for some slightly warmer weather so I can go parade my new beauty in all of its velvety plushness.
As well as all of my velvet goodness I happened to pick up a few more bags. Because I totally need more bags.
In my defence these ones were in the half price bin at an op shop and are in such delicious gelati shades that will be perfect with spring and summer frocks. Because eventually it will be summer again. Right?
Excuse me while I have a moment with my bags.
I have already taken the blue one and green one out and they performed wonderfully and added some much needed colour to a couple of outfits.
I love how accessories can make such a difference.
(And that is all the justification I need to buy more bags!)
(And more brooches and hair flowers!)


  1. Ohhhh those SHOES! Please share the brand?!

    1. I love these green T-bars too. They are Graceland and I have no idea where to find more as I found the green pair at a charity shop and another black and white pair from ebay. They are super comfortable and I want more!

  2. You are so funny! I love the pictures with you and your bags:)

    1. I just love bags so and sometimes those feelings get a bit overwhelming! :)

  3. Love the black velvet pieces, great finds. And yes, colourful bags make life better. It's a fact! xxxx

    1. It is a fact! Colourful bags, chocolate, puppies and kittens, op shops, zombie movies, I could go on and on, but all make life so much better!XXX

  4. It's a darling jacket, but the SHOES are to DIE for! XXX

    1. Thanks! Damn I love those shoes too! XXX