Saturday, 6 July 2013

Questions in a world of blue


For a girl who never ever used to wear blue  I am sporting a lot of the shade in this outfit.
Well its a lot for me any way!
I seem to be really drawn to blues at the moment and have recently op shopped a cobalt blue blouse, this St Michaels wrap skirt with its fab diamond pattern in cobalt and aqua,
amazing vintage cobalt gloves with the sweetest ruched wrist embellishment,
and this funky 60's (?) Susan Parsins frock with a pussy bow.
Yep, I am a sucker for a pussy bow!
But look at how cool the geometric pattern is with its rectangles and spheres of blues, greens and pinks.
I am going to have to do some sort of refashioning of the sleeves and perhaps shorten them as I just can't handle them as is. (And yet as I  shiver through winter I curse not having more long sleeves!)
I have long held an abhorrence of navy blue on myself ( I just have too many bad memories of ugly school and work uniforms in navy) and feel like the colour does nothing for me.
But slowly I am trying to introduce some non navy blues into  my wardrobe.
Isn't it funny how we steer away from shades for so long and then suddenly decide to be brave and welcome them into the wardrobe.
Just look at how proud and smug I look!
What's next for me? Orange? Brown?
As I have been writing this I have had the Julee Cruise song, "Questions in a World of Blue" from Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me stuck in my head so  I am going share with you so we can all have it on replay in our heads together!
Does anyone else have any self enforced colour rules of what they can and can't wear?

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  1. I am a bit the same about navy - it always seems a rather dull and conservative colour. But paired with orange, or red, I feel happier. And other shades of blue with a bit more light and verve to them - cobalt, midnight, cerulean - make me happier still! Perhaps it's the names that swing it!
    Those are great shades of blue on you, anyway, love the skirt, and the gloves are awesome! I would guess that pussy bow dress is a little later - they always seem quintessentially 70s to me. But I am no expert!
    What colour don't I wear? Beige! xxxx