Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tickled pink

I appear to be going through a pink phase.
 I just can't get enough of the colour.
And I was absolutely tickled pink to finally find a skirt I can wear with this adorable pussy bow blouse I op shopped ages ago.
Ummm, so yes I do have a couple of grey skirts I have op shopped but when I get them home and try them on again they just didn't look right. We have all been there haven't we?
But I struck grey gold with this Fletcher Jones wool number from my therapeutic zen time at Savers on Sunday.
I did start the day with even more pink on with my vintage cardi from my Drouin  op shopping adventure which has been given  a strenuous work out this week and worn a few times already, and a little pink satin bag that usually lives in the dress up cupboard but was begging to be worn with my other pink lovelies. The day was so mild though that I could do without the cardi during most of the day.
Yep, I am pretty excited by that pussy bow!
So excited I have to give you a close up.
This is the Little Miss enjoying herself during my little photo shoot.
What a pose!
 (Is it part of the bird dance? Or a strange self imposed nipple cripple?)
I love that cheeky tongue popping out!
No I'm not gazing dreamily into the distance.
I am wondering what the hell my daughter is doing!
It appears she was having some wardrobe issues and kept toppling from the lofty heights of my heels.
She was pretty happy when she mastered stomping walking demurely.
And then we got a bit silly, had a bit of a dance and chased each other around the house, squealing.
As you do!
I am also absolutely tickled pink about being nominated by the lovely Joanna from
 Diving Vintage Moments  for a Liebster Award.
 Joanna has a vintage wardrobe that I would love to raid and I love to check out her blog for vintage inspiration.
I am busy answering Joanna's questions and checking out some fab blogs to pass the nomination on to.
Thanks so much Joanna!


  1. Lovely pink blouse, with the skirt it has a cute sexy secretary look about it! My girls love to pose for the blog too - kids are such blog hogs! xxx

    1. My kids love posing except when I want them to! I do love a sexy secretary look so am pretty pleased about that. Thanks!

  2. What a great pairing of your gray skirt with this lovely pink blouse! I can't wait to hear all about your answers. :))

    1. Hopefully will finished answering soon but it is harder than I thought to find 11 other blogs. All the blogs I love seem to have soooo many followers but I will persevere!

  3. Such a cute outfit! I love your blouse :)

  4. Thanks! I just can't get enough pink!