Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tales from the sewing pile

This is what my sewing pile used to look like.
Poor forsaken souls lying crumpled and unloved in a corner, desperate to be hemmed; to be taken in; to be mended; to live again!
(Drum roll please)
Now behold!
Look at those happy content little possums.
All feeling fresh and newly invigorated. But most of all feeling pretty and purposeful once more.
Yes, I finally tackled some of my lovelies that needed some TLC and attention.
I'm not joking when I say that some of those poor dresses had been waiting in that dusty heap for a good year. I know, I know. For shame!
But now I can show off these lovely ladies in all their stitched and altered glory.
This 1960's "Alcorso" dress was burdened with oddly unflattering sleeves, but now with a nip and tuck she is finally fit to be worn. I love the roses on the cool black and white geometric pattern.
The middle frock is a divine "Geoff Riddell" shirt dress and was rescued from a Savers. It fitted like a glove everywhere, except the length which skimmed my ankles. Now it sits at a perfect below knee length that is much more me.
I had to hack off the sleeves of the amazing homemade vintage black dress with great bright green, orange and purple floral pattern as the style was doing nothing for me. And now with the new sleeveless design and a cute bow at the front it is ready to worn.
Now I am very likely upsetting many a vintage purist with my hacking and hemming. Sacrilege!
But in my defence I'd like to ask that isn't it better that I alter these frocks so I can actually wear them and thus these lovely dresses can be worn, appreciated and be loved again? I think so.
What do you think?
Have I committed the cardinal sin of the vintage loving girl?



  1. Not at all, sweets! You'd be amazed at how many of us alter, and sometimes totally reconstruct vintage to suit ourselves! I am guilty of a few disasters, but if I am going to wear and enjoy it, feck it! It's game on, as far as I am concerned. XXX

    1. Am so glad to hear I'm not the only one. And there is such a sense of satisfaction in making an unwearable frock wearable once more!