Monday, 8 April 2013

Birthdays, breakfasts, bling and bands.

My clan is currently having a wee break in stunning Bermagui, which is the sweetest little coastal town in NSW. We are staying with my husbands grand parents who are just awesome, and I have gone absolutely bonkers taking photo's of our trip and of Gran and Pop's house which is full of retro kitch-tastic treasures.
But I will bombard you with those later because I have only time for a quickie (ooohhhh, missus!) to fill you in on my birthday celebrations of last week.
Now I am not one to go cra cra on my birthday because I really don't want to admit to anyone I'm getting older. I am constantly trying to tell myself that I am still a young slip of a girl and hate when birthdays burst my bubble and inject that awful harsh reality stuff into my life.
I try to not act my age, not dress my age and generally not think of my age if I can help it.
I even work in an aged care facility where I can be guaranteed that I will look like one of the youngest there. (There is that damned Betty, who is 89 and has the best skin EVER and hardly a wrinkle. She tells me that it is all due to wearing a hat and having a brandy every night.
Damn you Betty!)
Any whoo I had a wonderful breakfast out with my kids where we feasted on only the healthiest fare.
As you can see I have to really watch what I eat now I'm getting older!
Yeah, he ate all of that. I really don't understand where he puts it.
The kids where dropped off (thank the lord for  the parents in law) and the Mr and I were joined by friends for a night of hilarity and loud music.
There were blinged up glasses.
There was a blinged up elephant. (Oh if only he had fit in my handbag)
There were beverages. With novelty sized pink parasols. As you do.
And there was punk music. A lot of loud and energetic punk music.
Go Pennywise!
So all in all, a great birthday of not acting my age.

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  1. BIRTHDAY!!!! Huzzah, many happiest of returns to you, my sweet! Looks like you celebrated proper like! That elephant....o, YEAH!