Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Recent spoils

I have heard so many wondrous tales of small town op shops.
Fables of vintage beauties lying in piles in dusty little shops all with ridiculously low prices, just waiting for the retro loving girl to swoop in and nab them.
So of course I had VERY high hopes of bagging lots of bargains on my recent trip to NSW, but alas the shops in Bega sorely disappointed me (and I'm really sorry anyone who may live in Bega, but WTF is it with you all and staring. Rudely staring. At me and my family.) and the one op shop in Bermi only opens one day a week. Which , of course, was the day we were leaving. At 4am. And for some reason my husband wasn't up for negotiating a later departure date just so I could drag him and the kids into another op shop. (What is with that man?)
I did have a spare minute to pop into Gypsy Vintage in Cobargo and fell head over heels for a fabulous 50's blue and green party frock. Just perfect for the upcoming nuptials I'm attending. Perfect except for the crazy high price. Damn and drats!
I did score this very cute skirt with the loveliest cherry detail and pale green colour.
So what with all the beach romping and eating that made up my holiday I didn't have much of a chance to shop.
It was a whole other story when I returned to Melbourne though, and I was joined by some lovely ladies and we hit some rather posh suburbs like Toorak, Richmond and Hawthorn for a day of op shopping (and cake!).
It was glorious!
It's funny but before I even left for the day, I just knew I was going to be lucky and I was.
I was in the zone and boy did I score.
Some adorable enamel bowls that look like they were made for my kitchen.
Not one but two awesome pair of shoes. The purple pair were brand new, so I was pretty chuffed.
This amazing coat feels like it was made for me and fits me just so with a nipped in waist and flared
Pervy poses just come naturally for me.
Of the many handbags I own I didn't have a tan and this is the softest leather and in great shape for vintage.
But I think my favourite score would have to be this white faux fur capelet. I'm pretty sure I leaped past someone and snatched it from the hanger when I first spied it. I then giggled madly when I saw it was only $12. Score! It is sooo plush and soft and I just  LOVE it!!!
It is  a Martin Moddel and when i got my new lovely home I realised that she had a friend.
Another Martin Moddel capelet I had just finished remodelling!
(Yeah, I have a problem with capelets.)
So I didn't walk away with a fancy new dress for the bloody wedding THIS weekend, but I had wonderful day with lots of laughs, shopping and cake. Huzzah!


    O, darling, you scored BIG!
    I am most especially in love with that CAPELET!!!!
    It's to DIE for. And isn't capelet a gorgeous word?!

    1. I have a problem with capelets and currently own about 8 but this is my favourite. It's sooo pretty! And capelet is gorgeous word. I also love the word tintinabulation. It just rolls off the tongue. (I hate the words "moist" and "panties" though! Euuuggghhh!)