Thursday, 18 April 2013

The girl is on a roll!

I have had a week more of holidays after everyone else in my little clan has returned to school/work/child care. Which means three whole days to myself!
I had sooooo many plans for my break; painting, sewing, redecorating and a massive clear out and sale on ebay. Maybe, if I was a good girl, even some relaxing. Bliss!
But the universe decided to throw a spanner in the works. Actually it was more a radiator than a spanner and it had a monumental hissy fit, did a lot of gushing of steam and crapped out.
Not happy Jan!
So for most of this week I have had no car and have been biking it around town on my awesome ride.
My beast of a bike looks rad with its massive old school handle bars and flame paint work, but it has no gears and is REALLY hard to pull  a trailer full of child and school bags.
My lack of transportation should mean that I have been industrious around home but instead I have been hitting my local op shops. Hard. Oh so hard.
I have a problem.
I am just having so much op shop luck lately and the more luck I have, the more difficult it is to stop. And so the huge clear out of my wardrobe is even more necessary.
After my epic op shop adventure of last week I really thought my mojo had run out, but LOOK, more vintage lovelies.
I have been looking for a pair of black low heeled Mary Jane's forever, and this pair are all leather and very comfortable.
Yeah, another pair of shoes. But look how funky they are! And they are kermit frog green and also surprisingly comfy.
How purdy is this frock! It is a hand made number from the 50's / 60's I'm guessing and is sheer and floaty and swirly and good for hiding the odd child in the skirts.
And it is blue! I have never owned a blue dress in my life but I quite like this pale shade.
And finally this bright vintage lovely. OK, I'm going to honest. I had my reservations about this one, but the cool colours and print have won me over.
 There are so many great shades to mix and match with so today I wore it with a cobalt blue cardigan, blue tights and my new to me green heels.
I felt like I was channelling Helga with my bright tights and heels. If only I had that woman's legs too!
 And I really love blue and green together. Just another one of those silly rules that were made to be broken!
I think it is actually very fortunate that I am returning to work next week (am I really saying that?), because my bank account just can't take anymore great shopping days.
Now, how can I hide everything from my husband?

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  1. YAY! So much!!! Your bike is TOTALLY FRICKIN RAD! And the blue tights/green shoes is absolutely Helga-esque and you look AMAZING in it. The blue swirly twirly frock is gorgeous and the pretty floral print frock is super pretty... yo are rocking this week, even without car!

    Sarah xxx