Thursday, 11 April 2013

The house of a million treasures.

We have just returned from our little holiday in beautiful Bermagui after an eight hour car trip (eeeeuuuurrrggghhhh!!) and I am now surrounded by towers of suitcases and unpacked clothing that needs to be put away. I'm hoping that as I write this the cleaning fairies will pay me a visit and magically, wash, iron and hang everything.
(One day they will come, they really will!)
Whilst I procrastinate I thought I would share some pics of Gran and Pop's cool and uber kitsch abode in Bermagui.
Gran and Pop are my husbands grandparents and are in their 80's but continue to be pillars of the community, with Pop entertaining "the old folks" in aged care facilities with his piano accordion prowess, and Gran being on every committee, donating countless hours to all manner of organisations (she was awarded an Order of Australia for her voluntary work) as well as fitting in golf, tennis, bowls and darts.
These people are amazing and down to earth and not a little quirky and their house reflects their wonderful personalities. They come from an era when you had to make do and mend and almost every aspect of their home reflects this ethos with patchwork like repairs and  hand made modifications to their tiny dwelling.
Why throw away that broken toilet when you can use it as a plant pot?
Why not use a car door handle in your outdoor dunny?
Why throw away those food scraps when you can feed them to the cows that live in a paddock across the road?
They are both firm believers in the repair, reuse and recycle lifestyle, which is so refreshing in this throw away age.
They haven't really updated their decor (why bother if it still works?) since the 50,s and 60,s and so their house and sheds are full to bursting with retro furniture, bits and bobs and thingy-ma-jigs.
Yeah, I went a little crazy taking photos but I just kept finding more and more that I fell in love with. 
I was so sorry to leave and say goodbye to those special people (and that cool aqua bathroom!) but I have soooo many more pics to share of our Bermagui adventures.

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  1. Funny photo the first one! People in the past were keeping things that could come in handy...