Saturday, 13 April 2013

Beachy romps in Bermagui.

I'm about to make you pretty jealous.
Not like, "I just ate 4 kilos of Tim Tams and look like Heidi Klum" jealous, but close enough.
I'm going to show you some beaches that will make you want to romp and frolic.
Beaches that will make you yearn to be walking on their cool soft sand.
Now, I know there are countless beautiful and picturesque places in Australia, but I can't help but think that Bermagui has the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.
I am forever in awe of Bermagui's breathtaking landscapes and could take a gazillion pictures of the many different views and aspects. Actually I did take a gazillion pictures. Maybe even a gazillion and two.
How can I be blamed though. Just look at those beaches!
There are cliffs, crashing waves, soft clean sand, cool shells  just itching to be collected and the greatest rock pools to explore. My little clan was in heaven.
Give me a good rock to sit on; to climb; to explore and I am a happy lady.
We had heard of an amazing beach in the Mimosa Rocks National Park which was made up entirely of varying sized round and egg shaped rocks, but after driving down 6km of perilous dirt road, braving a horrendous eco toilet and hiking along the beach for hours, we were no closer to finding it.
We did discover this AMAZING driftwood hut that someone had built on the beach.
It even had a shell curtain and a "Home" sign hanging over the door.
Whilst exploring the hut we were visited by a wallaby having a late lunch on the beach.
I'm at home now, surrounded by the mundane and suburban, but if I really try I can almost feel that sand between my toes!
Has anyone else been to beautiful Bermagui?

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