Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A butterfly dress and a perfect country idyll.

I have to get it all out of my system.
I need to purge all of my holiday out of my system in a gigantic explosion of photos and memories so I can move on.
(Or maybe that now I'm back at work I just need to remember those carefree sun filled days with no worries and my little clan around me all day long.)
And, of course I have to show off one of my sweet mending projects from a few weeks ago.
Now I'd love for everyone to think that I'm some kind of creative magician that whipped this one up using some old scraps of hankies, table cloths and shopping bags (kind of like a sewing Macguyver!), but alas, this one was just a mere hemming of an op shop bargain.
It's cute isn't it, with its pretty pastel butterflies and flowers dancing across the expanse of black.
And of course I was drawn to its fitted bodice and waist and full flowy skirt.
So why not share my new to me dress worn on it's maiden voyage in the beautiful little village of Tilba.
I've raved about Bermagui but honestly this little pocket of tranquillity is pure nirvana.
We wandered and admired the lovely old shops and gardens.
I was striking some very odd poses. (There were attack butterflies lurking in those beautiful gardens ready to strike and I'd just had a swat at one ferocious beast. It must have been attracted to those butterflies on my dress!)
Of course we sampled some divine cheeses, cakes and even braved the lolly shop.
Look at how happy those little faces are!
Of course we all walked away with some sugary goodies for later (although my selection of fudge didn't last too far into the car ride home!)
Is there a more picturesque spot to eat our morning tea?
Little Miss wasn't fussed about the beautiful picnic spot as she had more important things on her mind!
The fella knows how to enjoy a good custard tart. That's my boy!
Even the church in Tilba is adorable!
A perfect day!
Whew, I've realised I can't possibly fit everything in so sorry people, but one more holiday post, this time from Mogo Zoo. (As if I could resist a visit to a zoo!)


  1. Well, as someone who used to live in Central Tilba (a million years ago!), I LOVE seeing these pics! You look absolutely gorgeous and the frock is DIVINE!

    (Where do you live???)

    Sarah xxx

  2. Good gawd, Sarah used to live there?!
    It looks lovely, I adore small Aussie towns!
    Your frock is heavenly and just perfect for the setting! I especially love that first pic!