Saturday, 17 August 2013

Why do the perfect dresses never fit?

Last week I went an entire week without buying anything in an op shop.
Will of iron!
I did however look in many an op shop so don't nominate me for sainthood yet.
This week my self proposed ban had ended so a hunting I did go and some treasures I did find.
In Savers I found another pink dress! Not vintage but definitely a vintage feel in such a sweet shade and sheer fabric.
Unfortunately I think I may have forgotten the belt in the change room due to a sudden toilet emergency from the Little Miss. Que sera sera.
It even has little drops of pale yellow in the pattern. Yay, I have been needing an excuse to buy a yellow cardigan.
I wore the dress yesterday and paired it with a dash of green and felt rather inspired by Spring and the gorgeous cherry blossoms that are blooming here at the moment.
Now this lovely is a vintage treasure I am guessing from the 60's and I am truly besotted by the colours and the print.
It has its original matching belt, and......
....a pussy bow! Hurrah!
Aren't those colours wild?
Unfortunately I thought I would be able to add a little room in the bodice to fit "the girls" because this is a teeny tiny Asian "Lan Siang" brand, but alas, whilst this dress fits my bottom half, there is no way that zipper will do up. I tried to breath in. I tried sucking in. My husband, will all his brute strength tried shoehorning me in there, all to no avail. That dress was not fitting.
(Why must my body reject adorable dresses? Why?)
So this beauty is to be sold off on ebay and re-homed with a loving new mistress.
But I think my favourite find for the day was this adorable wee dress for my Little Miss.
It is so Heidi I could scream!
With some new ribbon to lace up the bodice the Little Miss will soon be yodelling with the best of them.
If only I had a Heidi dress! I have always had a bit of a secret yearning for a German dirndl dress so I may have to hunt one down. And then we will be twins again!
(It's a sickness - I need help!)


  1. Nice finds! I'm in mood for spring prints when I see your pink dress :)

    1. Yeah, I think with the green and pink I look very spring like! Now if only the weather would oblige and stop with the rain and the wind!

  2. a dirndl!!! its not just me!! I'm DESPERATE for a dirndl, the pink dress is just gorgeous and that awful pouty bottom lip moment when something doesn't fit, the 60's dress is lovely but it's adventures lie elsewhere, you are brave x

    1. I did have a wee tantrum, and there may have been some shocking sailor cuss words muttered, but I am trying to be brave about my dress and imagine the life it will lead elsewhere. I am still hunting for that dirndl though! One day I will live my Heidi fantasy! XXX

  3. Bright pink and green, perfect for Spring! What a shame about that 60s dress, the print is fabulous, but if it's not meant to be, then off to Ebay with her.
    The wee Heidi dress is fabulous. I tried on a wonderful vintage dirndl frock at a vintage fair a couple of years ago - it fitted perfectly but was just too expensive, so I didn't buy it, but I still think about it... Dresses get to you, don't they? xxxx