Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Oh the highs and the lows!

Yesterday was my beautiful Little Misses 3rd birthday.

I had planned a super fun filled day full of cool activities.
Presents, movies, lunch out, ice-cream, cake, more presents.
For a 3 year old I think that may be the perfect day.
Unfortunately, as always, when I plan the perfect day it becomes anything but!
A terrible bout of gastro hit my son the night before the Little Misses birthday, and so my day was full of presents.......cleaning up vomit......cake.......rubbing my sons tummy.......birthday cuddles.........tearful  and delirious cuddles.
What a day!
Thankfully I think my daughter still had a wonderful day and now my son is feeling a little bit better and colour is creeping back into his pasty and pallid cheeks. Whew!
Luckily the Little Miss was still up for a photo shoot so I could show off my refashioned op shopped skirt. This was the skirt that was VERY short but still fitted beautifully everywhere else. And such a pretty pattern with tans, and browns mixed in with black and white. So instead of it being boomeranged back to the op shop I just added a panel of black to make it longer.
Hey presto ! A skirt I can now wear! Hurrah!
I'm not sure exactly what she calls this facial expression (the scream?) but it kept popping up.
I added the cute little faux fur collar  and op shopped woven bag but of course after the bodily fluid explosions and cleaning that had to follow, the outfit kind of got forgotten and I should of simply changed into a bio hazard plastic suit.
Oh well, there were still yummy cakes.
And the Little Miss enjoyed all her presents.
So much pink! She is obsessed with pink!
Happy Birthday Little Miss!


  1. We have got used to the Illness at Birthday/Christmas phenomenon in this house, we seemed to have experienced a few of those... What a shame for your poor son, hope he is feeling better now. But it doesn't seem to have dented your gorgeous daughter's happiness, or her ability to pose! Presents (a pink explosion!) and cake will always put a smile on a little girl's face - or indeed a big girl's!
    Great refashion on the skirt, and I love the fur collar. xxxx

    1. Thanks! My son is feeling much better now and is back to annoying his little sister ( a true sign of good health!)The little Miss is enjoying all her pinkness and it is true, that cake has wonderful happy inducing properties. XXX

  2. I often see gorgeous half aprons at op shops and wonder if I could make them into a skirt. You've done a similar thing and rescued some lovely fabric.

    1. The skirt was too pretty to waste so I am happy I can now wear it. I'm sure you could do something similar with aprons. What a great idea. I am going to go have a look at my vintage aprons now and ponder.....

  3. seasonal vomitting should be in a parental guideline, excitement seems to have a direct line to the reflex area in the tum, Little Miss is a master at posing, having fun and outfit changes! she is too cute! glad your poor son is feeling better - I love your skirt, It's so fab and the fur collar is a triumph and of course the bag is delicious x

    1. Thanks! Yeah, they don't tell us any of this stuff at pregnancy classes. There should be a book that warns you about all of this gross parenting stuff. My Little Miss is becoming a true pro at posing and now I can't do an outfit pic without her in there. Atta girl! XXX

  4. Gosh sounds like a very busy day! You look lovely and I love that you added a bit of a fur collar to spruce up your outfit:))

    1. Thanks! I love a bit of fur to make me feel posh! It was a crazy day but all is well now and my son is back to his usual hijinks. :)