Thursday, 22 August 2013

Trying times

I have been having a trying time lately.
Not "trying my patience", like my kids are fighting like two feral beasts and work demands leave me with eye twitches and facial tics (although those things are true!), but more that lately I have really been trying to do certain things.
I am trying to relearn how to knit so I can one day actually complete a piece I could wear.
This is my practise piece which may turn out to be a knitted hair bow. Maybe!
I am trying to finish all of my mending and sewing instead of buying more clothes.
It is ridiculous amazing how many pieces of clothing I have accumulated that just need a 'tweak' for them to be great . I bought a skirt aged ago that had modesty issues (ie it just reached to the bottom of my butt. WTF clothing manufactures! A prerequisite of clothing should be that it covers all of our lady bits!) and I have sewn an extra panel at the bottom to make it more wearable.
I am trying to capture the pink clouds in the mornings.
I am trying to get my head around the fact that I am a student again. Yes, I am furthering my education and extending my knowledge and all of that incredible exciting  academic stuff. Only by correspondence mind you, but I am proud of myself for signing up and now have to remember how to swat and write essays. Now to find the time.... Hmmmmmm.
I am trying to wear some more daring colours.
For a girl who only used to wear black, all black, all the time, it is a little shift in thinking, but I am loving colours at the moment . And they are making me so happy. So my exploration of
 colours continues.
I am trying to eat less and exercise more. I don't want to get into a body image debate but I am all about being comfortable in my skin and being happy with how I look. I admit that I am often guilty of looking at you gorgeous ladies in blog land and comparing my body to yours and feeling not so happy. But I am really trying to just be comfortable with who I am and what I look like and blogging has helped hugely with my self confidence. (I never used to let people take photo's of me!) And I keep reminding myself that we are all unique, and we are all beautiful. Because I don't know if you have noticed, that we are all different. Our bodies are different, our faces are different, our tastes are different, our views are different, our experiences are different, our lives are different.  You get the drift. So when I say that I want to watch what I eat (because I am a prime example of the emotional/bored eater) and get fit and healthy, in no way am I passing judgement on others, I am simply saying that I know my body (we're tight you know, we're pals. Real close - except that time when it embarrassed me sooo much. There was that noise, and then that smell. Ugh!), and at the moment it is heavier than it should be. Not heaps, but enough. So I am trying to say yes to exercise and no to the cakes at work. Say no to the kids treats. Say no to my beloved chai lattes.
So I am trying.
What have you been trying to do lately?


  1. goodness woman! that is a whole lot of things, take a breather when you can and try not to do it all at once, it must be tiring (but then again, I find many things tiring plus I am a lazy sod) You are a beautiful woman, thank God we are all different and gorgeous, wonderful and perfect - you want to feel healthier, that's cool! whatever makes you happy is good enough missus! Shockingly I still haven't put away our holiday clothes and have only just finished the washing - that's me trying!oh and wearing more brooches, why did I think 1 was good when 3 at once are far more fabulous x

    1. That has always been my problem - I try and do too many things and none get done properly! Am having a lovely breather now though, catching up on blog reading and putting off studying. And I'm not feeling guilty about it at all! I agree with you - three brooches at once are more fabulous than one!XXX

  2. There's nothing wrong with trying to be healthy, you don't need to defend yourself here, Brooke! Your choice to make, it's fine. I'm in Sandra's camp, far too idle to try to do very much at all... All the school holidays, I have had the goal of sorting out the kids' clothes and bedrooms, and have I done it? I have not.
    Good luck with the healthy eating and exercise, with the knitting, the sewing and tweaking, and your course. Keep us posted! xxxxx

    1. With three kids and a busy life you are definitely not idle I bet! Thanks for your good wishes - it is definitely good to have goals, but I am trying not to be too hard on myself if it all doesn't happen at once. (Why can't I click my fingers and magically make it all happen? Why?)XXXX