Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Weekend celebrations

So much to celebrate!
 My kids have finally recovered, there are no more horrendous bodily functions scaring the hell out of me, the early morning football matches are finished so last weekend was already looking pretty bloody fantastic.
We also celebrated the Little Misses birthday with lunch out with the family and a plethora of pink.
I was very careful not to match with her but as she had insisted on it being a "pink party' there was an abundance of pink to be seen.
A pink cake of course!
It was divine with cream cheese icing and completely bad for my healthy eating plan, but bugger it, it was gooooood!
Soooo many presents! (So little space to store them all!)
I reveled in my op shopped outfit and was reminded of how much I love this pink vintage
summer dress.
Not long now little frock - soon we will romp and gambol in the summer sunshine. Soon!
My new to me beige nana shoes were beautifully comfortable and complimented repeatedly, but unfortunately the old rubber tips of the heels began to crumble and a trip to the cobbler is necessary to see the old girls through.
We are very lucky to have been able to enjoy a wonderful weekend as the Little Miss suffered an allergic reaction to something she had eaten on Friday night and sported a very inflated and sore looking top lip.
Ouch! The little trooper said it didn't really hurt much and the next morning she was back to normal, but it scared me silly and we will have to watch specific foods in the future.
What have you been celebrating lately?


  1. Missus you look gorgeous! the pink is divine! Little Miss is rocking it (she is a professional), poor thing though, her lip looked really sore ( I think anti-hitimine's work on allergies), great cake, a little bit of what you fancy does you good - I like that statement, also moderation in moderation, it all means I have no control! x

    1. Thanks! The antihistamines did work, thankfully, and luckily no swelling in her mouth. The cake was terribly yummy and terribly bad, but, as you say, everything in moderation!XXX

  2. O, crikey, that's a hell of a swelling! G reacts to stone fruit, and once got a hugely swollen tongue that was alternately terrifying and hilarious! Anti histamines took that swelling down.
    Love LOVE your plethora of pink, and am so thrilled you had such a great weekend with your precious ones! XXX

    1. Poor G! (I am visualising a swollen tongue and I have to say, I can understand your reaction!)We did try antihistamines straight away, but gosh, it was scary. XXX

  3. Great dress, get ready to rock your frocks this summer!
    Ahh, good to know everyone is better, despite the swollen lip. I second the antihistamine remedy. Happy birthday to the wee pink Miss! xxxx

    1. There are a lot of dresses that can't wait to be frolicked in! Bring on the warmer weather! We did give the antihistamines a go and they worked a treat, thankfully, but scar times. XXX