Monday, 5 August 2013

Beige and blah!

Whilst I love Coco Chanel and all she did for women and fashion, I never really understood the whole less-is-more ethos.
What is the fun in taking one thing off before you leave the house?
Before I leave my abode I usually have a brainwave about another piece of frippery that I can add to my ensemble.
More is definitely more!
So when I found this summer frock in Savers ages ago I adored the homemade love that went into it and how well it was finished.
Respect to the gal that put all that effort into creating it!
It fit like a dream but that just couldn't take away from the glaring truth that it was  bit.....blah!
Maybe it was the beigey  back ground colour, or the Amish style cut of the neckline or it could have been the length.
I just felt frumpy and dull.
I tried to add a bucket load of hot pink to brighten the dress up, but still it resisted.
(How could it battle pink and still lose? How?)
Can you see what I mean?
Cool swirly pattern with some pretty shades of pink .
So the poor dress got put back in the wardrobe. For a long time.
I rediscovered it and having just been reading some awesome refashioning blogs like
The ReFashionista and Wearing It On My Sleeves, was inspired to pull out the frumpy frock and attempt a minor refash. This dress desperately needed MORE!
I added a hot pink bow to the neck and a cute crochet collar that had been lurking in the bottom of a drawer.
In a matter of minutes my sad dress had been brightened up. A little.
It still needs MORE!
  I would love to find more of the fabric to make some sleeves edged in crochet lace.
But for now I will pile on some more pink. Then pile on a whole lot of pink accessories.
Then add some more bits and bobs before heading out the door.
Because more is more!
Are you a fan of more or less?


  1. oooh it is a pretty dress, you are very clever sowing collars and bows on and I like it with the pink, its all very ladylike - I have to adopt a less is more approach otherwise I would go out looking like a christmas tree x

    1. I'm not clever at all at sewing (I think I ruin more than I fix!) but I do like the collar and ribbon. And I think Christmas trees look awesome and glitzy and I would love to look like a dressed up glam tree!

  2. More is definitely more! I wish I had a sense of matching things, I usually don't know what jewellery would match my outfit, so I end up with less than more, but I am a big fan of more more more ;)Lovely dress!

    1. Thanks! Love more is more! What are you talking about,you always do a lovely job of matching things! X

  3. Oh I usually have all manner of bits and pieces dangling off my person, more and then more!
    I like what you did with the dress, the sweet collar and bow do add to it. I think it's really pretty, just as it is. xxxx

    1. Thanks! Am still not sure if it needs sleeves but at least it has made it out from the back of the wardrobe! XXXX

  4. What a super cute dress. I love the a-line effect in the skirt. I can see how this dress would make anybody happy to wear it:)

    1. Thanks!I am happier with it now that is for sure even if I think it does need more. And I think it will be perfect for summer!

  5. More is TOTALLY more, darl! I always add one more thing. Coco was probably wasted when she said those immortal words.
    Love the frock, the pink touches are quite successful! Oddly, I am fond of beige and tan.....

    1. You are right, Coco most definitely must have been off her trolley when she said that! I am really coming around to tan and mustard, but while I love beige and neutrals on others, I find I just get washed out in beige. XXX

  6. The dress is classy and elegant and the pink adds a touch of girliness to it.


    1. I do feel rather girly in it! I have to watch my p's and q's when wearing it! Thanks for stopping by. XOXO