Monday, 12 August 2013

Is this a form of child abuse or just a sign of love?

I have become that person.
We all know these kind of people.
They are the one who dress themselves and their children in matching outfits. (Shudder!)
Usually horrific parachute material track suits but often the outfits feature lots of denim. (Shudder!)
Sometimes those people even try and match outfits with their animals.(Shudder! Shudder!)
These kind of people

(You see, I know I have become one of those people because that last pic with those adorable dresses is fantastic. I would totally wear that dress! )
I didn't mean to become one of those people. It was completely unintentional I assure you!
But, intentional or not, there I was yesterday, in Drouin for my Mother-In-Laws birthday celebrations, all decked out matching with my Little Miss.
(Prepare yourselves people. The next image is shocking!)
Hot pink and black for moi, and hot pink and black for the Little Miss.
(She doesn't look happy does she to have to share the spotlight!)
But wait, it gets worse!
To make matters even more tragic it wasn't just our pink and black outfits that colour coordinated.
You see on a little jaunt to the Waverley Antique Bazaar  not long ago I picked up this lovely thoroughly modern black faux fur capelet (yes, another!) that perfectly matches my daughters awesome black jacket.
I don't have a mini me, she has a maxi me!
Despite our embarrassing wardrobe mishap a lovely day in Drouin was had with a little bit of Spring like sunshine to warm the day and frolic in.
Some delicious cake was eaten.
(I'm pretty sure my son was trying to do some crazy mind trick to teleport the cake to his plate!)
And we got to share a special celebration with the people we love.
Great Sunday!
Now I must be off so I can try and track down where I can get those amazing matching mother and daughter 50's dresses.
If we are going to match why not look fabulous whilst doing it?


  1. Are you kidding me... you both look GORGEOUS!!! I am all for matching outfits. LOVE IT! And love the Jedi-mind-control-cake pic.

    Sarah xxx

  2. The matching thing seems so harmless until I have my husband and son in on the act, all of us wearing some hideous hibiscus print ensembles for family photo day. (Shudder)For now I think I have it under control but I'm watching myself! I love the cake photo too - it does look like he is undertaking some Jedi mind trick! XXX

  3. Ha ha I love the matching outfit thing!!! It's fine if you don't do it every day!!!
    I think you look cute together.. she's adorable.
    I sometimes match my kids up for fun.. but I always remember a couple of boys who had the same clothes on every single day at school. They weren't twins. Poor guys. So I make sure not to do it much! lol

    1. I knew a matching family when I was young and even back then when I was young and innocent I still thought it was weird! I think I have my problem under control but if I start trying to match both kids and myself then I am seeking help!!!

  4. great post! as long the little mister doesn't have to wear pink, black and a little fur cape i'm alright with a matching family style. ;)

    i love your fur cape. it's perfect!