Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Feeling a little beige

I'm having one of those days today.
You know - everything sucks, nothing goes right, I am sick of everything including myself.
I'm suffering from an advanced case of the bleeuugghhhs.
It's not exactly like the blues, or even like Holly Golightly's mean reds.
It's more like I have the beige's, where everything has lost it's colour. No sparkle, no glitz; everything is bland and boring.
It could just be that I'm feeling ill today with a nasty tummy.
I've spent way too many hours over the last few days stagnating in the doctors waiting room, hunched over in agony, imagining that there is an alien incubating in my abdomen just waiting for the moment until it bursts forth in an explosion of entrails, pus and gore.
Yeah, so being sick makes me lose any sense of perspective that I may have previously had.
By the way, the doctors waiting room is how I imagine hell. Waiting forever with no good magazines or TV, uncomfortable chairs and surrounded by uncaring receptionists, snotty children, vomiting old folk and bleeding construction workers.
To renew my faith that life is not beige, I have been searching for the colour in my life so that I can drench myself in rainbow hues and lift my spirits with zesty shades.

There, I have banished the beige's for a little while, cheered by some happy, bright bits and bobs that live with me.
Reading awesome blogs helps to beat the ghastly blah feeling too.
God, the ladies from Misfits Vintage
 crack me up and damn if those girls don't rock some excellent colour combo's.
What colours are cheering you up?


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