Thursday, 14 February 2013

I gave my love a chicken... it had no bones....

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Happy Valentines Day to all!
How adorable are these vintage Valentines?
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I can feel my blood sugar level soaring just looking at these sweet little notes.
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As cute as they all are, they don't compare to the wonderful card I received today.
(Hang on people, it looks like we are going to get mushy around here!)
Park your peepers on possibly the best Valentines card EVER.
How freakin' awesome is that card? I know, right.
I am loving the Freddy Krueger hands and my excellent dress, not to mention the image of our little dog is spot on. And the card is for the whole family, so no-one is left out.
So, you can keep your champagne and diamonds, your romantic moonlit walks and your gazillions of red roses because my Valentines Day rocked!
It's all about feeling the love and I don't really think it matters from who.
It could be your Great Aunt Glad, your postman Phil or the guy who works in the butchers.
 Happy Be Nice To Others And Feel The Love Day!

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