Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sofi's on Sunday

Now, most people who know me know that I like to frock up.
I love getting all gussied up in my glad rags, slipping on some towering heels, matching all my furbelow's and frippery and ensuring the hair is coiffed and the war paint is on.
If that sounds like a huge production that's because it bloody well is! But I actually enjoy the process and I love the product so I feel it's worth it.
Most people who know me know I also love to eat. Ohhh yeahhh. Delicious, sweet, terribly unhealthy goodies are such a weakness. Almost as big a weakness as hand-bags.
So, if you combine those two elements of frocking up and divine food, add some great company and some stunning and totally plush surrounds then you have an utterly perfect day for me.
And that is what I had last Sunday when I visited Sofi's Restaurant at the Sofitel for High Tea.
The Sofitel Hotel is situated on the Paris end of Collins Street in Melbourne, and Sofi's lays on a sumptuous feast of savouries like ribbon sandwiches, pastries and insanely delicious wee tempters like the Shepperd's pie and then decides to blow you away with their cakes tables. Oh and did I mention the chocolate fountain? Yeah, how could you miss that.
There was also a chap making crepes and then dipping them in hot caramel sauce.
Is anyone else drooling yet?
Every part of the afternoon was decadent and luxurious and I think it may have ruined any future dining experiences. Already I want high tea everyday!
What does a girl wear to high tea?
I chose a fresh minty floral vintage frock I found in the antiques bazaar in Rosebud and added some girly pink.

Cute and cheap flats from Target.
I borrowed my daughters adorable little straw basket I unearthed in an op-shop but originally from Target.
A tip for you if you are lucky enough to experience the amazing high tea at Sofi's. Wear loose clothing. You are going to want to undo buttons after that spread. And maybe have a wee nap.
Has anyone else been having any perfect days lately?

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