Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mutual weirdness

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone who's weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love".
-Dr Suess-
I bundled my 8th wedding anniversary, Valentines Day and my husbands birthday into one monumental extravaganza.
OK, so less of an extravaganza and more of a chilled picnic with the kids and great friends.
It seems like soooo long ago that two crazy kids got hitched in the rose garden at the St Kilda Botanical Gardens. And yet I can vividly remember the excitement, and mayhem, and beauty of the day like it was yesterday.
It seemed only fitting that we enjoyed a glorious (and swelteringly hot) Sunday picnic at the gardens, in sight of the rose gardens, where someone else was getting married and beginning their journey together.
We said hello to our old friend and favourite, "Old Frisky", a huge Moreton Bay  fig tree that, as well as being majestic and a wonderful reprieve from the heat, was also enormous fun for my monkeys to climb on.
Because I am such an excellent wife I organised an aerial show as part of my extravaganza.
Yeah right! There was an aerial show and I am an excellent wife so I am claiming that it was all my doing.
We happily gorged, frolicked, romped and talked nonsense before wandering up Acland St, ignoring all the cake shops propositioning me with their delicious baked goods, and heading to Luna Park for some fun
Luna Park has so many great memories for us as well as we had our wedding reception / awesome party at the famous Melbourne landmark.
Eight years ago at Luna Park.
Luna Park today.
And yeah, it was the best reception / party EVER and we were all allowed to ride all the cool rides, except I didn't seem to have enough time as I was busy being a new Mrs, with all the dancing, prancing, posing and partying that that entails.
After returning home we finished a fabulous fun day and trip down memory lane with the most un-freakin-believable Portuguese custard tarts (they deserve their own post so stay tuned) because when my husband and I staggered up to our room after our wedding party, exhausted and ravenous because we hadn't had time to eat much during the evening, and unwrapped a platter my Mum had pushed into my hands. Only to discover it was full of.... you guessed it......Portuguese custard tarts. So every time I eat one I remember giggling in my beautiful dress, stuffing tarts into my mouth.
Good times. Great memories.
Here is what I wore eight years ago.
Now I couldn't wear the same frock again to the same place so this is what I wore today instead.
Dress - op shopped, hand made and fits like a dream.
Bag - op shopped and doesn't fit much but looks cute.
Hair flowers - made by me.
 I haven't changed at all in eight years have I?

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