Saturday, 9 February 2013

Chick rock rules!

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I am nursing a bit of a sore head today ( I think little birds have made a their home in my noggin because it feels like it is stuffed with straw and the wee creatures are flapping madly about in there) after a great night of eating, catching up with friends, amazing music, general carousing, and OK, a fair bit of tippling.
We went to see some bands at The Tote in Collingwood after a quick walk through Melbourne.
Melbourne is full of lanes with the most amazing art.
I am going to sound like a total groupie/stalker, but can I gush about one of the bands we caught,
The Sure Fire Midnights, who knocked my socks off.
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 Damn those chicks rocked!
 Huge sexy vocals, ripping guitar riffs and awesome beats had everyone grooving and loving it!
The girls from The Sure Fire Midnights all hail from Perth and I already have plans to catch them at Cherry Rock. You can find out more about the fantastic ladies on their site and have a listen to their amazing tracks.
 Be prepared to rock out!
What better outfit to dance the night away in than a cute cherry print frock from Dangerfield.
Have you caught any great bands lately?

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