Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

I am feeling a little sentimental and quite a bit seedy and delicate. (When will I learn?)
The combination of the feelings has led me to have a lovely, quiet ramble down memory lane (mainly because sudden movements make me feel like I am about to pass out!) and peek at some of my posts of the last year and reminisce about all that happened in 2013.
There have been some fun and fabulous moments to reflect upon .....
moments of hilarity.....
and moments of sadness and grief....
some gorgeous frocks and op shopped bargains....
moments of love....
 and moments of frustration and anger....
But you know what?
The wonderful highs of the year just wouldn't have been so wonderful without the terrible lows to balance them out. Only after experiencing the worst of times can you fully appreciate the best of times.
So despite being not completely unhappy about shutting the door on some of the experiences of 2013, I welcome what life may bring in 2014. All of it. The good and the bad, because that is life.
Bring it on 2014!!!!
I am not even going to make any resolutions for the new year except to try and make the most of each day, really live each moment and wring the most I can out of life.
All of this waxing philosophical is getting terrible painful for my poor head, so I will leave you with some images of my New Years Eve.
I wore my most recently op shopped lovely, a stunning vintage Osti, that seemed most appropriate for a laid back night in with good friends, lots of food and a plentiful supply of beverages to keep us all very well hydrated on a lovely warm night.
Aren't the colours fab? And I am crazy about that neck line.
As you can see I had great plans for the soiree and prepared only the most essential of items.
We tried out back yard pool, which was fun but all sorts of flying guests kept trying to get in on the action. Bloody bugs! Who invited them?
They even helped themselves to the drinks, the cheeky blighters!
Luckily, there was a good supply to see us through the night.
And soooooo many yummy nibbles to munch on...
and create interesting combinations and concoctions.
I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year celebration and hope that 2014 brings everyone the best of times!


  1. You are rocking pink at the moment, Brooke, it does suit you so very well, and that is another glorious frock! Ah, the delicate, rather shaky feeling the morning after a good night before, I know all about that. Looks as though you had a really grand NYE though! xxx

    1. Am still not feeling myself, but 'tis only New Years one a year! (Thankfully!) I did have grand time though but am taking it nice and easy at the moment. XXX

  2. lovely nibbles! your dress is a pink dream and you look spectacular in it, and the pretty flowers in your hair - the bugs are HUGE and of course quite rude, how dare they jump in without asking! pah! New years day morning was a little hideous for me too, but we made it! here's to a great 2014!! x x x

    1. Our poor sore heads!!! Worth it though. The bugs were enormous but we managed to kill a few of the slower ones on the pool table! Cheers to a great 2014! XXX

  3. ... yeah, great drinks!

    i ended 2013 and started the new year with delicious margaritas ... i felt great the other day ... the hubby seemed to be a little green in his face (polite german saying, for a bad hangover).

    1. I think I too was a little green in the face!

  4. As someone who's prone to feeling sentimental/nostalgic quite often, very much including during the holidays, I can wholeheartedly relate. It's hard to not to be (at least to my mind). Even if a year didn't turn out the way you'd hoped that it would, it's still perfectly nature to want to reminisce about, and look back at it. It was, after all, one's most recent chunk of life and so the various memories it housed are so fresh in our minds that they can't help but be thought of as the ball gets ready to drop on the next set of twelve months.

    This is wonderfully pretty, highly feminine dress with such a great, glowingly cheerful pink palette to it. You look beautiful and ready to great the new year in top vintage style form, my dear.

    ♥ Jessica