Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Give me Mor!

 Please don't hate me.
I am about to tell you something that will have you spitting in envy, cursing and swearing with  green eyed jealous rage. (I've seen it and it ain't pretty!)
My lovely husband works hard everyday (he works hard for the money!) for a company that makes beauty products. And he occasionally gets to bring some samples home. Soaps, hair care, lotions and potions, make up and perfumes.
So I get my grubby little hands all over some of the most gorgeous goodies for free.
I think the only way it could get any better is if his company made chocolate too. Can you imagine a more perfect job? Can you imagine a more perfect man?
Amongst all the gorgeousness I have been bestowed with I have discovered the divine concoction,
Marshmallow by Mor.
Now I had already tried some of the other Mor lovelies and swoon over any of their Blood Orange scented range, but the Marshmallow is a completely different scent with an amazing mix of sugar, musk, vanilla  and rose. After a spritz I feel like I have been given a fairy floss hug or had a kip in a marshmallow cloud .
Yep, just like this! 
It is a totally addictive and delicious perfume. Really yummy! And that could be the only problem with it. It smells so mouth-wateringly yummy that when I waft by people get that slavering hungry look in their eyes like they could just devour me. It is that yummy!
I have no idea if it is available anywhere else in the world but if you ever have the opportunity to try any of the Mor products you will be overjoyed by their decadent and lush scents and beauty products.
Go on, everyone deserves a marshmallow hug!
Check out Mor cosmetics here

I am in no way connected to Mor, but I did love this product and happily endorse all of their range.


  1. It's wonderful! freebies! and lovely ones too must be a great gift, I haven't heard of Mor but I would happily smell marshmallow infused people all day long! sadly I can't wear pretty fragrances, they don't sit well on me, I wear men's aftershave or musky musky scents, still if they were free I'd still have a go!! x x x

    1. Freebies and cheapies are awesome. I do love lots of mens aftershave as a perfume and had a thing for Drakkar Noir in the 90's. Mmmmmm XXX

  2. That sounds heavenly!!! Both Mor's scrumptiously scented offerings, but also having a husband who works in the beauty industry. What a lucky lady you are! (Fear not, you're far too fabulous for anyone to ever "hate" you for any reason.)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I am a lucky lady! (I will remind myself of that as I pick up the hubby's dirty socks off the floor AGAIN!) XXX

  3. Being an old hippy I only ever wear patchouli and know nothing about perfume but that looks like it would smell gorgeous! What a lucky duck you are! xxx

    1. It isn't my normal scent but it is divine! And, yep, I do consider myself a lucky duck! I love when my husband brings me new products to try and I find a new favourite. P.S. Hope you had a lovely holiday! XXX

  4. You ARE lucky! I've never heard of that perfume, and I have to say the sweet scents like rose, vanilla and musk are not for me, but I adore the sound of the blood orange perfume! xxx

  5. Wow, you are a lucky lady! I love trying new products too. Even better when your husband brings them home for free! I will keep my eyes open for that brand. I haven't seen it around.